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UNDERDOG REPORT: Offended by Christ? Don’t Be Wrong

Offended by Christ? Don’t Be Wrong

Sunday is a day a Rest.  Going forward, JoeHoft.com will not be publishing news articles on Sunday. Sunday is for the Lord.  As an alternative, Gary Scarano of the UnderDogReport.com will assist in publishing articles on current events from a Christian perspective.  If you have something positive to say from a Christian point of view about current events and would like to have your views published, please email the UnderDog Report at UnderDogReporter@gmail.com or send comments or emails to JoeHoft.com.

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Report #34 – The UnderDog Says:

It seems people today are offended by almost anything and everything. They are offended by other people’s religious and political beliefs, by what people wear, by the government, by companies, by the police, the list goes on and on. People are actually offended by other people being offended. Does that offend you?


But people have also successfully used their offence to stop others. They accuse people of offending them to get them to stop whatever they are doing. They successfully used this method against companies and the government and schools, especially when it comes to Christianity.  People are offended by someone’s Christian cross, by the Bible, by people’s Christian beliefs. But their offence many times goes one LARGE STEP FURTHER when people use their offences as offensive weapons against Christians. They take their offence on the offensive!


Offended people sometimes say they feel “threatened” and in turn threaten those of us with Christian beliefs.  Sometimes this is all it takes for the police to spring into action to stop the “threat.” But there is no threat by someone else’s religious belief.  It is a false threat, and unfortunately, it seems to work. This is sad and it is a lie. We have taken Christianity out of schools, universities, businesses, libraries, and even the public square because people are offended.

In fact, people were actually offended by a woman who was silently praying (not even out loud) outside an abortion clinic and was arrested. This is the ultimate thought crime.[1] It is a blessing that she was acquitted.

Psychology Today says sometimes people are offended because they are insecure and have a misplaced sense of superiority. They go on to say that many people incorrectly believe their lives are controlled by external forces, leaving them relatively powerless. They in turn overreact.


Let me get right to the point, 100% of the time when people were offended in the Gospel’s they were in the WRONG. That’s right 100% of the time! Being offended is a reaction, and should not be a weapon or used as a threat to others.

There are 13 times the word “offended” appears in the Gospels. Three times it says those who are not offended are blessed, and 10 time those who are offended were in the wrong.

1. Blessed is anyone NOT offended by Jesus (Matthew 11:6, Luke 7:23)
2. What Jesus says about the Holy Spirit should NOT offend anyone (John 16:1)

Those who were offended:

1. Are not rooted (well grounded) in themselves. (Mat. 13:21, Mark 4:17)
2. Knew Jesus (or those representing Him) and His family (Mat. 13:57, Mark 6:3)
3. The religious leaders were blind and were leading the blind (Mat. 15:12-13)
4. Will betray and hate one another (Mat 24:10)
5. All of Jesus’ follower were offended and abandoned him (Mat. 26:31)
6. Peter says he will not be offended, but it turns out he was (Mat 26:33-2 times, Mark 14:27)

Don’t be in the wrong and be offended by what the Bible says about Christ or what others are saying to you. There is no THREAT, there is no OFFENCE. Listen and form your own opinion, but there is no reason to be offended, in God’s eyes, you would be in the wrong.

Don’t be in the wrong and be offended by what the Bible says about Christ or what others are saying to you. There is no THREAT, there is no OFFENCE meant. Listen and form your own opinion, but there is no reason to be offended, in God’s eyes, you would be in the wrong.


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