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THE UNDERDOG REPORT: Biblical Mass Immigration

Underdog Report

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Biblical Mass Immigration

Part II in Our Series on Immigration

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Once upon a time, in the Jewish Old Testament, there was a country that was so successful, so bountiful, that many people wanted to immigrate there to partake of its abundance. They wanted to leave their country and go to a more successful one.

Does this situation sound familiar? People only leave their country, regardless of the love they may have for it, if the perceived opportunities are significantly better than where they now live.

So, there was this Jewish guy, sold into slavery in a foreign land and through a long chain of events, years later, he becomes the number two guy in the country.  And the number one guy said to him, (like Batman said): “You’re my number one guy.”

This Jewish guy, whose name was Joseph, starts running things in the country of Egypt and low and behold, he does an excellent job. Not only has the country become successful under his plans, but they have seven years of reserves available. Not bad, but things change when there is a horrible drought and famine. Food becomes scarce across a very wide area encompassing other countries.

Suddenly Egypt, becomes the numero-uno ‘go-to’ place for people needing food. What does he do? Does he welcome them into the country and provide food, lodging, medical help, education, and finances to them free of charge? No, he sells them food and they go home. It was a fair deal all around.

But then people ran out of money and still needed to eat, so they traded their livestock and working animals as payment for food. Eventually they ran out of everything they owned but their land, so they sold their land. They thought, “It’s better to be alive with no land than to be dead with it.” So, they sold the land for food.

Then what happened was amazing. The people needing food become bondservants to Joseph and his country and he sent them back to their land and gave them the seed, tools, and supplies necessary to farm. But they had to pay a fee of 25% for everything they produced.  The end result, the people were happy, they had food, they had land they were able to work on it. The people rejoiced. “You have saved our lives. May we find favor in the eyes of our lord. We will be Pharaoh’s slaves.” [1]

How the Bible handled this is an important lesson for today issue with immigration and how we can better address it. We need a system that not only benefits our country, but the people that came here, AND countries these people came from. There should be a method that accomplishes now, what was accomplished back then:

  1. A cost to enter our country, for a while
  2. An incentive for them to go back to their country
  3. An improvement to situation in their country that benefits the U.S.
  4. A plan for people who have nothing, to be able to work for but their freedom and citizenship in this country

Hard work is a good solution to many things (see our previous blog regarding hard work), let’s put our minds to work to mirror the Biblical model that benefits all parties.

[1] Genesis 47:13-26

6 thoughts on “THE UNDERDOG REPORT: Biblical Mass Immigration”

  1. A large %-maybe even a majority–of illegal aliens are coming here–and financed with debit cards funded by UN–in a deliberate attempt to destroy America by the global elites enforcing a New World Order. America never turns it back on those with legitimate needs. This is different, and We the People will not let it stand.

  2. If they were wearing Russian helmets or Blue or Red helmets, wouldn’t we have looked to shoot first? A country without borders is just a land mass. Those in higher places from the Cabal have security and fences around their places. Hypocrisy!

  3. The way our governments is handling the border with immigrants is disturbing. Our weapon is the same now and from the beginning, prayer. Believe in what is unseen and allow God to reveal His greater plan. We are all presented with emotional or spiritual forks in the road. When our hearts are angered the results are reactive and hurtful. Let’s think about a common ground of working together and benefit us all


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