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The Underdog Report is a team of two men, one Black and one Brown who write on conservative issues in support of this country. The use of the possessive “I” is interchangeable between both parties.

¡Adios America!

The Goal of Mass Immigration is to Destroy America

Part 4 in our Series on Immigration

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In 2015, political commentator Ann Coulter wrote the book “Adios America.” Eight years ago, she had to vision to highlight this serious problem. No one could have foreseen just how incredibly worse it was going to get. Since Joe Biden took office in 2021, more than 10 million people have been reported illegally entering the United States. This is the greatest number in history of any administration, totaling more than the individual populations of 41 states![1] Let me say that again, 41 states or 82% of all States.

The great majority of American are against this mass illegal immigration, but Democrats, big business, the media, and many Republicans decide what is best for you, you don’t have a choice. America does not have a choice.

It is almost impossible to find accurate statistics on crime being committed by illegals, Ms. Coulter describers in her book. The data is hidden, obscured, and manipulated to say exactly the opposite of what is really happening. The government and media determine what can and cannot be seen.

1965 Teddy Kennedy’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

America’s current mass immigration mess is the result of a change in the laws in 1965. America was a middle-class society, and our ethnic groups were brought together into a common national culture. We were Americans. In 1965, Teddy Kennedy’s bill abolished the quota that regulated the composition of immigration in fair proportion to each ethic group’s presence in the population. Put simply, the percentage of German (or any other nationality), allowed to immigrate to this county was based upon the percentage of Germans living in America.[2]   Seems fair, but not to the left.

A Government OF the Government, BY the Government, and FOR the Government

Those pursing the elimination of this Act set out to appease America with a litany of lies and wishful thinking regarding, wait for it, racism. They proposed that it was unfair that America was not letting in others (who, by the way, would vote for Democrats). They wanted to change the make-up of America for the simple reason they could not win elections without it. Without this change in the law, Obama would have been soundly defeated by Romney, according to Ms. Coulter.

They want a one-party Government, a Government of the Government, by the Government and for the Government. They rest of us will own nothing and be happy. Those who are not happy will be arrested at 3AM and placed in re-education camps in Guantanamo Bay. This one-party rule is akin to a one world Government. This did not work out well the first time that happened[3]and in any one party communist government.

We are now experiencing behaviors, never before seen in this country, becoming common.  Gang rapes, child rape, violent attacks.  It is a fact that Joe Biden (and those controlling him), have released some of the most dangerous illegal aliens into our country.

Imagine eating at a restaurant where the cook is an illegal that has murdered or raped others while in his country, and he’s now preparing your steak. This may make you think twice about taking your first bite. The point is that Americans are not safe in our country. Americans should be on high alert when it comes to the dangers of illegal aliens.

The sad part is that many illegal aliens, have been strategically planted in America to replace Black and Hispanic Americans. And this immigration especially harms American Blacks. Just look at the teenage black unemployment rate. Where have these jobs gone, to the illegals. We allow these foreigners in and treat them equally as Americans, pushing out the Blacks. Most illegal aliens will become citizens at some point. It’s simple, all they have to do is marry an Americans citizen, or just have an anchor baby.

Do More Immigrants Make America More Free?

Prior to the 1970’s, 30% of all illegals went back to their country, but now with all the benefits we give them, the welfare the American people pay for, they stay. According to Ms. Coulter, in 2015 illegal immigrants were sending $20 Billion dollars a year back to their home countries. This is a huge drain on our economy as they are not spending the money here. These funds help other country’s economies, encourage more illegals to travel here, and many times end up in the pockets of gangs and drug cartels (the very ones fueling the exodus of people out of their country for profit).

The bottom line is illegal immigration makes America less free, less profitable, less safe and less American.  It’s time to put an end to this now.  Contact your representatives and please do not vote or support anyone whose party is responsible for this, especially at the local level.

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[3]The only time the world was under one world Government it was ruled by Nimrod in Genesis, Chapters 10:8-12 & 11.

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