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The UnderDog Report Interviews Joe Hoft

The UnderDog Report Interviews Joe Hoft

On WPAT 930AM Radio in the NYC Area to over 10 Million Homes

Gary Scarano is UnderDog Report, this is a mid-week report:

On March 9th, 2024, the UnderDog Reporter interviewed Joe Hoft ( In this interview, Joe discusses some of the many articles he has posted. He also reviews his three books on “The Steal.” Click on the PhotO below or Click here to watch the interview

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The Underdog Report produces content on current events from a Biblical perspective. This is done to provide a positive Godly point of view as an alternative to today’s “anti-Christian” Media, and to encourage people to be followers of Christ. Gary Scarano has assumed writing the UnderDog Report due his co-writer’s time constraints.

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Gary Scarano is the author of the book “The Jesus Gospel” ( Not since the  New Testament of the Bible was written, has anyone combined the 4-Gospels ‘Word-For-Word’ into a continuous chronological timeline. Read the 4-Gospels, the record of Jesus Christ’s life, blended into a single COMPLETE story.

Gary also ran with the Olympic Torch in the Los Angeles Olympics and was a National Senior Product Manager for Verizon and was interviewed by Lou Dobbs on CNN and the NY Times for a product launch he led.

Gary teaches a Bible study every Thursday, 630PM NY Time on zoom. Join when you can.

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