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EXCLUSIVE: BPro’s TotalVote Used in Multiple States in the US, Allows the Installation of “Plug-Ins” that Can Be Used to Manipulate Election Data

This report was developed by election experts in New Mexico and Hawaii with special recognition to Attorney David Clements and his wife Erin. 

Election Experts in Hawaii discovered that the TotalVote election system used in the state can backdate election records.  This isn’t all that it can do. 

Yesterday TGP reported on the TotalVote election system in Hawaii which is connected to the Internet, is not certified, and can backdate election records.

EXCLUSIVE: BPro-Knowink Election Software Used Throughout US Is Connected to Internet, Not Certified and Is Able to Backdate Election Records (Hawaii)

There is much more to this story. It is much deeper than proving Hawaii’s voter rolls have backdated election entries.  We learned from experts in Hawaii that all the suspicious entries were added with a single computer.

The UUID format used in Hawaii is created by a software component called a “plug-in.” Plug-ins are software libraries that can be loaded and run by an existing computer program and they can be customized.   Common examples of plug-ins are ad blockers or promo code finders that can be used to customize a web browser.

The fact that BPro software allows plug-ins to operate within their software system is a massive security vulnerability. 

A plug-in could be added at any time after the initial software installation and the customer, and even the software developer, would never know.

Plug-ins are reloaded every time a piece of software is restarted.

The concern for election infrastructure using BPro/KnowINK products is this: 

Plug-ins can easily be swapped out as needed to rig an election or manipulate the way a voter roll was being consolidated.   Plug-ins are vulnerable in any election where the computer software plug-in is running, and the system is internet-connected.

An opportunity for bad actors to rig or modify the election infrastructure recently occurred in New Mexico’s elections.  Below is an email that reminded county clerks and KnowINK that there was a planned system outage of their version of BPro’s TotalVote called SERVIS.

This email was from New Mexico SOS, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, to county clerks and vendors about a planned outage on election day.

The shocking thing about this planned outage was that it took place one hour before the close of polls on election day. There is no honest explanation why the Secretary of State would plan a system outage of the software that is supporting the entire election during a time when it is most important that the election run smoothly.

This planned outage would make sense, however, if the Secretary of State knew that a plug-in was running on the system, and it needed to be updated to clean up any loose ends in a pre-planned rig of that election.  Poll workers have testified to similar outages occurring in other states on election day.

New Mexico’s audit proved impossible manipulation of their voter rolls – from registration spikes occurring in a uniform fashion across all 33 counties.  The groundbreaking revelation of “plug-ins” provides a possible explanation for uniformity in New Mexico’s disastrous voter rolls.

Nearly-identical, daily registration patterns typical of all counties in NM

In Hawaii, election experts who discovered this issue with backdated registrations alerted Hawaii’s election officials. Instead of taking these concerns seriously and investigating who or what was manipulating Hawaii’s rolls – election officials simply swapped out all UUIDs that could be decoded for a different version that does not allow the time the UUID was created to be determined. At best, this is egregious database practice and destroyed chain of custody for 25% of Hawaii’s rolls. At worst, they know the rolls are being manipulated and are trying to cover it up.

Americans are fed up with concerns about our election systems being glossed over and covered up by their elected representatives.

Proof that BPro is allowing a plug-in to backdate registration entries in Hawaii, the fact that uncertified software is being used for election management across the country, and unexplained outages during critical times should be enough to shut down the use of any all-inclusive, centralized, internet-connected software.

Voters in all states using software like this must contact their elected officials immediately and let them know we are not going to put up with them playing fast and loose with the security of our elections anymore.

“That Gateway Pundit, I Don’t Know, Those Guys Find Stuff” – Mike Lindell on TGP’s Breaking Story Behind the TotalVote Election System

Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit was on The Lindell Report last night on Lindell TV with Mike Lindell, Brandon House, and Garland Favorito.  

Joe unveiled the breaking story of another election system that was identified in the election process that is used in numerous states, that is connected to the Internet, uncertified, and accessible by government and outside entities.

This discussion of TotalVote was reported at The Gateway Pundit on Thursday.

EXCLUSIVE: ELECTION SYSTEM DISCOVERED – Used in MULTIPLE States – Internet Connected, Uncertified, and Accessible to Numerous Govt Agencies and Outside Entities

On Friday more was reported on this election system found in New Mexico.  The company behind the software was BPro out of South Dakota.  However, this firm was purchased by a company by the name of Knowink per reports in 2021.

The systems that are being developed by this company are startling.

EXCLUSIVE: You Thought Dominion Had Issues – The Latest Election Technology Is Absolutely Frightening

Joe Hoft discussed the systems identified in these two articles late in the week.

Watch the interview with Brandon House, Mike Lindell, Joe Hoft and Garland Favorito on the Mike Lindell Show on Lindell TV.

We’re winning everybody.  I wanted to get on tonight even though I’m traveling I wanted to stop, not only I want to hear what Joe has to say.  This is breaking news to me everybody and I’m telling you I don’t know what, that Gateway Pundit, I don’t know, those guys find stuff.  I mean its just amazing.

That’s when Joe Hoft presented what has been uncovered by election personnel in New Mexico during their audit work.  The same individuals involved in the recent New Mexico audit (Attorney David Clements, his wife Erin Clements and their audit team) identified this startling and to-date unknown system.

Listen below to the interview with Mike Lindell and Brandon House.  Garland Favorito joined the call in the last 15 minutes.

Here’s the link to the show: Joe Hoft on Latest Election Technology Is Absolutely Frightening | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

President Trump Graciously Acknowledges Those Who Held Prayer Call for Him Monday Night

President Trump didn’t have to do this but he took his time to acknowledge the group of individuals who got together to pray for President Trump and this country on Monday night. 

On Monday evening, a prayer call was scheduled for President Trump.  The President was being threatened with an indictment on Tuesday and Americans were concerned.  The prayer call was the result.

UPDATE: PRESIDENT TRUMP TO JOIN AT 7:15!!! – LIVE STREAM VIDEO: Pastors for Trump Prayer Call at 7pm Eastern – Join Pastor Lahmeyer, Pastor Hagen, General Flynn, Roger Stone, OAN’s Dan Ball, RAV’s Karyn Turk, TGP’s Joe Hoft, Angela Stanton King and More

However, early into the call the President was cut off.  It was unknown if it was the Deep State, the devil or too many people on the call blowing out the line.

Prayer Call with President Trump Is Shut Down 5 Minutes After President Trump Calls In – Reason Still Unknown

Today President Trump recognized the effort on Truth Social.

President Trump also shared the prayer that night.  When asked about praying for him, President Trump said to pray for the country.

Special thanks to Kristin Davis, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer and all for putting this together. 

ELECTION SYSTEM UNCOVERED – Used in MULTIPLE States – Internet Connected, Uncertified, and Accessible to Numerous Govt Agencies and Outside Entities

A team of election experts in New Mexico uncovered an election system that is being used in that state and multiple other states that in New Mexico and other states does not comply with election laws.

Election experts in New Mexico established that the post-election canvass reports in all 33 New Mexico Counties are being illegally prepared. Complete election records are being uploaded to an uncertified, centralized software under the control of the Secretary of State (SOS) called SERVIS, which is then used to create the official election results.

Use of any uncertified software for this part of the election process is a violation of federal and state law. And according to state law, the SOS is not to have access to the complete election record from any county until the election has been certified.

According to the experts, when the illegal canvass process is complete the SOS is having counties download election data from internet-connected SERVIS onto their “secure” election computers.  At the same time, in New Mexico, Dominion voting systems have deleted the original election data from their system. This is a blatant violation of state and federal law that requires all election records to be kept for 22 months after any election with a federal candidate on the ballot.  Also, without paper ballots, the original results for the election are eliminated.

A South Dakota company by the name of BPro “gifted” their TotalVote software to New Mexico, in exchange for a series of what would turn out to be very lucrative, sole-source contracts to develop a customized interface between the SOS, clerks, and TotalVote that they called “IRIS.” IRIS was renamed “SERVIS” (Statewide Elections, Registration and Voting Integrity System) in 2017.

According to the BPro website, TotalVote is a “centralized voter registration and election management system that securely captures and manages voter, candidate, and all election information. It is the only software system that encompasses the entire election process into one system.” (emphasis added).

TotalVote has no Election Assistance Commission (EAC) certifications whatsoever. Meaning it does not comply with the Help America Vote Act and it has never been tested by any accredited third party. However, as previously established, it is certainly touching parts of the election that require certification.

To date, New Mexico has paid BPro a total of $2,722,939 for the development and upkeep of SERVIS necessary to utilize their “gift” of TotalVote.

From reviewing the contracts, it appears that SERVIS took several years to fully develop. Online voter registration was launched in 2016, but the integration with the Motor Vehicle Department wasn’t functional until 2018. It is unclear when SERVIS began handling the entire post-election canvassing process.

Internal training documents indicate that limited election night data is uploaded on Election Day, but all of the election data from the electronic tabulators is uploaded the day after the election. Then SERVIS is used to create the canvass documents against federal law, and the SOS is given full access to the entire state’s data before any county has certified, against state law.

Further, state and federal law requires that only aggregated data—and not data from individual ballots—be used for election night reporting that appears on the SOS’s website. Also, there can be no access path from the election night reporting to any storage device used for official data.

The most disturbing discovery by far was this slide, titled “Protecting the Dominion Server Air Gap,” from internal training documents. It shows the clerks how they are to transfer their data from their Dominion Server to the SERVIS system and back again:

As the figure shows, USB memory sticks in “read-only” mode are being used to move data from the Dominion server, which houses the official digital election results for each county, to the internet-connected “SERVIS” computer. As soon as the results are uploaded into SERVIS the day after the election, the entire statewide results are accessible by multiple parties and could be manipulated and changed.

The instruction for downloading data from the “SERVIS Computer” back to the “Dominion Server” is to use USB memory sticks in “read-write” mode. This instruction is mind-blowing, and literally the opposite of “protecting the air gap.” What data does the SOS need to transfer to the counties since she is not supposed to have any part in finalizing a county’s election?

The obvious vulnerability?  If election results needed to be changed by the SOS or anyone with authorized or unauthorized access to SERVIS, they could be. Then those corrupted results could be loaded onto the county’s servers, overwriting the original data and no one would ever know.


The SERVIS program is internet-connected, uncertified, and accessible by all county clerks, the SOS’s office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and potentially others such as ERIC, VIP, and “registration agents” according to the BPro contracts.

The public, who has paid for its creation, has no way of knowing whether SERVIS can be trusted since it has never been tested to EAC standards, even though it handles parts of the election that are subject to federal oversight.


The SOS’s custom software SERVIS is being used outside state and federal law meant to protect our elections from bad actors.

Facts would suggest that the “gift” of BPro’s TotalVote software could be a Trojan horse that is being used to subvert New Mexico’s elections.  And this issue affects more than just New Mexico. The BPro platform is used in at least 15 other states, including Arizona and Nevada – two states that “stopped counting” in the middle of the night and took days to report their election results in 2020, with Arizona repeating the exercise in both the primary and general 2022 elections.

Americans must demand that their election data be held entirely within their counties as the law requires. 

Pastors for Trump Organize Prayer Call Tonight – “The War Against Trump Is a War Against Christianity”

Open Invitation Pastors For Trump Prayer Call Tonight: The War Against Trump Is A War Against Christianity 

(Also posted at The Gateway Pundit)

Invite from Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer

Just a few days ago, President Trump posted on Truth Social that he expects to be indicted and arrested on Tuesday by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The charges are related to payments made to Stormy Daniels during Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign – charges the Manhattan’s DA office declined to prosecute last year and also charges that federal prosecutors declined to move forward on.

What has changed in the last year that makes this case worthy of prosecuting? Is it because they have nothing else on Trump? Is it because Trump is likely to be re-elected in 2024 and polling at 58%? Is it because Trump has publicly stated if re-elected he will take action against China for Covid-19, he will secure the southern border and he will reign in power given to social media companies who are censoring conservative views?

I believe all of those are the reasons behind this looming arrest. But it is much, much more than that.

Those of us Christians have watched as those on the left manipulate and gaslight us into accepting their warped views of reality: a reality that demolishes womanhood, normalizes the sexualization of children and forces equity principles over common sense and personal responsibility.

The left thinks if it can make something common – it will become normal. If we are used to seeing CRT or transgenderism these things will be able to be integrated into society and will become normal.

But they are not normal and we must not turn a blind eye to what is happening and let their gaslighting alter what is normal.

The plans for Trump’s impending indictment is not just a political persecution, it’s a strategic move by godless liberal prosecutors who want to imprison the 45th president based on their political hatred of him, and also take strategic steps to completely remove God from our society.

We have seen attacks on Trump before, but as we move into increasing electability in 2024, these attacks are being amplified in severity and voraciousness.

Just this week former Vice President Mike Pence lobbed outrageous accusations against President Trump at the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington DC claiming that President Trump only believed in “his own” cherry-picked favorite passages of the Bible and went on to make a joke about Trump hiding classified documents in his Bible at Mar-a-Lago, because the 45th President never actually cared enough to read the text.

This is an example of how Christian evangelical gatekeepers like Mike Pence continue to denigrate and demean President Trump because he pose’s a threat to their control over the Christian faithful… just like GOP power brokers fear President Trump’s direct connection to the American people.

As I have written about in the past, President Trump gave the Christian faithful the most access we have ever gained at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem. He appointed enough Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

I started Pastors For Trump a few months ago after watching many well-known Evangelical leaders abandon him. We have chapters in all 50-states and have on our board Pastor Craig Hagin of Rhema Bible Church. We remain committed to helping President Trump return to the White House and are committed to this task because of the fruitful results we as Christians realized during his first term. We believe he will help set our nation back on the right path under God.

I would like invite you to our Nationwide Prayer Call Monday, March 20th at 7pm eastern to show support for President Trump and to provide guidance for those who are worried about the country amid these uncertain times. Our call will include myself Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, Pastor Craig Hagen, former Trump political advisor and long-time friend Roger Stone, Real America’s Voice Anchor Karyn Turk, Gateway Pundit Editor Joe Hoft and many more. You can join us for free at

Most Obvious Reason that Soros-Backed DA Bragg’s Case Against President Trump is a Sham Is the Mueller Gang Didn’t Pursue It

The most obvious reason that the corrupt New York DA’s case against President Trump is a sham is that the Mueller gang didn’t pursue it.

There are numerous reasons why the corrupt Manhattan Soros-backed DA, Alvin Bragg’s case is a sham, but perhaps none more than the fact that the corrupt Mueller gang never pursued it.

One individual on Twitter points this out:

Here are the facts.

Robert Mueller investigated Trump over this alleged Stormy Daniels payment and found that Michael Cohen was NOT a credible witness and that there was NOT enough evidence to support charges.

Then, the leftwing SDNY looked into the matter and also concluded Cohen wasn’t trustworthy and that there was insufficient evidence to support charges. Now,  @AlvinBraggNYC, a Soros funded DA who routinely releases and reduces charges for violent offenders, has decided to elevate a misdemeanor offense (if guilty) under New York Law to a felony to indict Trump.

Bragg knows a leftist NY grand jury will automatically vote indict regardless of the evidence and the legal basis for doing so.

Anyone screaming about the “rule of law” is lying to you about what is actually transpiring.

They are cheering on a blatant and politically motivated act of prosecutorial misconduct all because of their personal hatred for President Trump.

Using the courts to harass and imprison your political enemies, is NOT how you “save democracy. It’s how you destroy your republic forever.

Here are the facts.

The corrupt Mueller gang did all they could to bring charges against President Trump during their sham and criminal Russia collusion lie.  The entire case was built on the lie that Russia hacked into the DNC and stole emails and gave them to WikiLeaks because they backed President Trump.  None of this was true.  Mueller even hid the fact that he couldn’t prove Russia hacked the DNC.  He couldn’t prove Russia stole DNC emails and he couldn’t prove Russia gave DNC emails to WikiLeaks.  The entire premise behind the case was a lie and they knew it.

Despite this the Mueller gang went on for years trying to get President Trump on anything, even a process crime but they couldn’t.

The Mueller gang looked at the Stormy Daniels sage, led by her loud-mouth attorney Michael Avenati, and the Mueller gang passed on it.  It was a hoax.

Daniels even sued President Trump to get out of the agreement not to share details about any relationship she might have had with citizen Trump because “he never signed the agreement“.

But now corrupt Bragg wants to sue President Trump in a biased and unfriendly New York court because it will make his handler, George Soros, happy.  This is sick, especially if you consider that Bragg is letting repeat felons have their cases minimized to misdemeanors.

Let me get this straight, the first state to lower felony charges to misdemeanors for actual repeat offending criminals is now raising a misdemeanor charge to a felony on a former President?! Tell me how this isn’t communism again.

Trump will win 2024 in a landslide!

Americans are livid with the communist and fascist tactics the Democrats are using to destroy this country.  President Trump and the good American people are their targets.

“Biden’s Spending, Leads to the Biden Inflation, That Leads to the Biden Bonds, that Leads to the Biden Banks” – Steve Bannon Puts Entire Blame for Massive Financial Crisis We Are In Today on Biden

Note – this article was cross-posted at TGP

Steve Bannan and Phillip Patrick discussed the failure of the banking system all caused by Biden.  These people are destroying America and the American way of life. 

Patrick and Bannon began by noting that this week set a record for the largest amount of emergency loans given to banks in US history.   This blew away the 2008 record from before as we reported earlier in the day.

BIDEN ECONOMY: Emergency Loans to US Banks Reach Highest Level Ever This Week – Smashing 2008 Record

Patrick says “we’re getting all of the downsides with none of the upsides.”  Basically, the American people are bailing out the banks.

Patrick also says that if “every bank marked their treasury reserves to market prices there would be at least a $620 billion hole in the balance sheet.”

This too was reported earlier in the week as well.

BIDEN CRISIS: Moody’s Downgrades Banking Segment to “Negative”, Assets in US Banks Are $2 Trillion LESS than Their Balances

Patrick says, “10% of US banks have bigger unrealized losses than SVB… This could be an unmitigated disaster”.

Steve Bannon went on to say,

“This is my point.  This is not recoverable.  We’re living in a fantasy.  These Treasuries could be worth a third of their value.  This is because of Joe Biden.  This ain’t woke.  This is dumb.”

“This is what we told you.  The spending – Biden’s spending, leads to the Biden inflation, that leads to the Biden bonds, that leads to the Biden banks.  This is where we are, this Biden, Biden, Biden and Biden.”

Watch the entire interview below.

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE – Democrats Have Nothing – President Trump Did Nothing Wrong – But They Will Arrest Him Anyway

Note – this was cross-posted at TGP

The world is in a financial meltdown right now and our economy is on the brink of collapse.  This is due to Biden’s actions.  Now the criminals running our government want to arrest a good man who did nothing wrong because he threatens their power.

The GOP RINOs tried to stop candidate Trump from winning the nomination in 2016, they couldn’t.

Hillary called Trump and his supporters “deplorable” and he beat her.

Obama spied on Trump, and he got caught.

The Obama gang attempted a coup of the Trump Administration, it failed, Trump did nothing wrong.

The Democrats impeached him for daring to ask about the Bidens’ actions in Ukraine, he was doing his duty, the Bidens were taking millions from foreigners in bribes and favors.

The Chinese drop COVID-19 with the Deep State doctors’ help, they attempt to cover it up, Fauci and gang got caught.

President Trump won millions more votes than any President in history in the 2020 election so they stole it from him.

They set up the Jan 6 protests and inserted rioters to cause violence, they got caught.

They took over the economy and are destroying it.

They raid President Trump’s home yet he did nothing wrong.

Now a Soros-funded prosecutor from New York is going to arrest and charge President Trump with BS crimes.

The problem is none of these villains and criminals were ever held accountable.  So they go for more.

Attorney Mike Davis was on with Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the Deep State’s threats to arrest President Trump and the make-believe crimes this innocent man committed.

Davis shared:

This is a noncrime again they’re going after Trump.  We have Alvin Bragg, this Manhattan DA, the Democrats’ prosecutor in Manhattan…They’ve been trying to get Trump since 2017…

It is not a crime for someone to settle with someone making accusations against you.  Alvin Bragg is trying to turn a routine civil settlement over a nusence litigation matter into a crime…

This is part of a pattern and practice by the Democrats…to try to take out Trump.

The DOJ is also going after Trump for the non-crime regarding his legal actions of holding documents at his home after leaving the White House.  Davis has pointed out numerous times that President Trump did nothing wrong with classified documents.  (But Biden committed numerous felonies for holding classified and top secret docs.)

Davis mentioned his piece in the Washington Times linked here –

Davis’s discussion on War Room is as follows:

Soros Backed DA Bragg Not Smart Enough – This Made-Up Crime Smells Like Another Weissmann Special

Note – this was cross-posted at TGP

The Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg isn’t known for his intellectual dexterity.  The NY DA’s made-up crimes against President Trump look more like an Andrew Weissmann special. 

The Manhattan DA doesn’t have the ability to come up with the comingled mess of a case that his office is attempting against the President of the United States, Donald Trump. He’s just not too bright.  So he needed lots of help.

Reports are that his Chief Assistant DA Meg Reiss is the mastermind but was this really her insane and sadistic idea?

This looks and smells like an Andrew Weissmann special.  Weissmann, a little man with a secret personal life, was behind numerous prosecutorial crimes in large cases since his early days in New York in the 1990s.  He has a horrible track record of prosecutorial abuse.

Andrew Weissmann was intimately involved in some of the most egregious corruption scandals in US history. Weissmann was involved in FBI activities with the mob in New York in the 1990s.  He was a key member of the Enron Task Force in the early 2000s and also was involved in the sale of Uranium One under Obama.  After all of his corrupt acts, he then led the corrupt Mueller Special Counsel. 

In all of these scandals, Weissmann’s actions have been consistently corrupt and abhorrent. 

Attorney Sidney Powell shared the following with Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit about Andrew Weissmann:

The hallmark of the Department of Justice for decades has been to seek justice not convictions and if that meant letting a guilty person go free to make sure the government did it all right, then that was supposed to happen.

But Mr. Weissman, he couldn’t spell the word “ethics” despite the fact somebody actually had him teach a course in it one time, I think over in England.  His mantra is ‘the end justifies the means’… he targets people, individuals. And you’re right, I had no doubt from the moment he was picked for the Mueller Special Counsel operation, that he would have filed RICO charges against President Trump and seized every asset he ever had, if there had been any way he could do that.

He’s just filled with hatred for apparently most Americans and certainly anybody affiliated with President Trump.  And he’s willing to do anything to destroy them. 

Attorney David Schoen shared on Weissmann:

I have said, from my personal experience at least with this case, I consider Andrew Weissmann to be the most ethically bankrupt prosecutor I have ever encountered, and that’s a pretty broad spectrum of prosecutors over the course of my career…

Roger Stone says about Weissmann:

I believe what the bible says in Hebrews 10: Vengence is served for the Lord – but there is a special place in hell for Andrew Weissmann.”

Rudy Giuliani, former New York prosecutor, America’s mayor, and President Trump’s friend and attorney, has much to say about Weissmann’s corruption.

Andrew is a desecration of a prosecutor.  He is, he is a person who has disgraced every single ethical tenet that prosecutors hold dear.

I personnally went through…the things that he did to [Paul] Manafort which was psychologial torture that he wouldn’t be allowed to do in a prison camp.

He indicts people for crimes that don’t exist.  He makes them up.  He’s been reversed by the Supreme Court for doing that unanimously.  The only reason he’s kept in the Justice Department is he’s a convenient tool for the Democrats who want to criminalize politics.

He is sort of expert at criminalizing politics.  He’s a very, very dangerous man.  He’s had enough, found, proven ethical violations that he should have been fired a long time ago.  And he’s only there because the Justice Department and the FBI at the highest levels are no longer the creature of the government of laws.  They’re now the state police, as if we were in East Germany, the Soviet Union or current China

Weissmann withheld the identities of his witness in a mob case in the 1990s and put at least one innocent man away for life.  His witness was the suspected murderer in the incident the alleged was being prosecuted for.  Weissmann withheld this from the court.

In the 2000s Weissman made up a law that led to the indictment of Arthur Andersen, the top five accounting firm at the time.  His case was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court but it was too late, 80,000 Andersen employees had already lost their jobs after the company dissolved after Weissmann’s indictment.

During the Mueller exam, Weissmann led a gang of corrupt prosecutors and agents in going after President Trump whose made-up crime was “Russia collusion”.  This non-crime was used for years to dig into the President’s entire life in an effort to remove him from office.  They found nothing.  They had hoped that the President would commit an act during the coup that they could pin on President Trump but this never happened.

Now we are hearing that the inept and ignorant Manhattan DA, Alvin Brag, has made up crimes against President Trump again.

Mike Davis writes:

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is hellbent on charging Mr. Trump. In fact, the New York City District Attorney’s office has been searching for any way to charge the former president since 2017. The investigation has poured over President Trump’s personal and business life. They’ve reportedly settled on charging Donald Trump for the non-crime of his attorney Michael Cohen paying Stormy Daniels settlement money.

The New York Times reports (emphasis added):

When pleading guilty in federal court, Cohen pointed the finger at his boss. It was Trump, he said, who directed him to pay off Daniels, a contention that prosecutors later corroborated.

The prosecutors also said that Trump’s company “falsely accounted” for the monthly payments as legal expenses and that company records cited a retainer agreement with Cohen. Although Cohen was a lawyer, and became Trump’s personal attorney after he took office, there was no such retainer agreement and the reimbursement was unrelated to any legal services Cohen performed.

Cohen has said that Trump knew about the phony retainer agreement, an accusation that could form the basis of the case against the former president.

In New York, falsifying business records can amount to a crime, albeit a misdemeanor. To elevate the crime to a felony charge, Bragg’s prosecutors must show that Trump’s “intent to defraud” included an intent to commit or conceal a second crime.

In this case, that second crime could be a violation of New York state election law. While hush money is not inherently illegal, the prosecutors could argue that the $130,000 payout effectively became an improper donation to Trump’s campaign, under the theory that it benefited his candidacy because it silenced Daniels.

Will it be a tough case to prove?

Even if Trump is indicted, convicting him or sending him to prison will be challenging. For one thing, Trump’s lawyers are sure to attack Cohen’s credibility by citing his criminal record.

The case against the former president also likely hinges on an untested and therefore risky legal theory involving a complex interplay of laws.

Combining the falsifying business records charge with a violation of state election law would be a novel legal theory for any criminal case, let alone one against the former president, raising the possibility that a judge or appellate court could throw it out or reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor.

And even if the felony charge remains, it amounts to a low-level felony. If Trump were ultimately convicted, he would face a maximum sentence of four years, though prison time would not be mandatory.

This smells rotten like another Weissmann special.