In God We Trust: Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics

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After seven years of the Obama Administration, the US was broken. Americans wanted change and they got it with the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. But the corrupt and dishonest media, Democrat politicians (and some Republicans), and ‘Deep State’ actors in the government, didn’t want Trump in power. These entities and individuals are killing the country and destroying the freedom and justice promised to all Americans.

You will be shocked at the level of corruption in the US today. This book will open your eyes and inform you of the many corrupt actions taking place that are destroying the USA.

Stories about Crowdstrike, Concord Management, Schifty Adam Schiff, the Mueller gang and social media targeting conservatives are discussed in detail. These are stories that the ‘MSM’ will never touch and will shock you.

‘New media’, along with changes in the government are the answer. Americans want the truth and this book will give it to you! After reading “In God We Trust – Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics”, you will never be the same.

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Loving, Blessing and Being Aware of God’s Grace

Joe’s second book Loving, Blessing, and Being Aware of God’s Grace is also available from now by clicking on the icon below. 

At one point, author Joe Hoft—who’s now a successful world-traveling executive —found himself living in his brother’s basement without his wife or daughters. He was depressed and emotionally drained and broken; he felt like the biblical Job after he lost everything.

So how did he move through huge disappointments and turn life lessons into success? He cultivated relationships with the right people and, more importantly, learned how to live a life of gratitude for the matchless grace of God.

No matter your age or experience, you too can pursue a better life filled with purpose and joy. Each chapter in Hoft’s new book offers an uplifting word of encouragement or guidance, from the idea that “Life Is Miraculous” to the reminder that “God Is Always There.” His words will encourage you to “Seek Awareness of God’s Grace,” “Cherish Your Time with Your Family,” or even “Take It Easy.” Ultimately, however, this inspirational revelation of personal yet global experiences encourages you to pray, let God guide your actions, and learn to see loss and struggle as blessings that lead to favor.

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Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers

Joe’s first book Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers presented solutions for the US from the region of the world known as Asia Pacific.  Policies and programs in place from Australia to China are presented as possible solutions for the US.

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Feedback about Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers

Jim Hoft, Sole proprietor of

“This is a phenomenal book.  Joe Hoft has extensive experience in East Asia as an international financial executive.  He’s traveled in the Asia Pacific region from Korea to New Zealand and he has witnessed first-hand the successes of the East Asian markets and economies.  Joe brings all of that knowledge and experience together in this book.  Joe offers hope for America.  I hope and pray this book gets the attention it deserves.  I’m very proud of my twin brother for Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers.”

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Andrew Marcus, Producer and Director of Movie – Hating Breitbart

“By humbly looking outside the American system for solutions to our economic crisis, Hoft leads the reader on a rediscovery of America’s most successful global export, free market capitalism.  After reading from this book I was left both hopeful for America’s future and proud of her past.”