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THE UNDERDOG REPORT: The Scariest Halloween Decoration EVER!


Underdog Report

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The Scariest Halloween Decoration EVER!

This is the time of the year when people place out on their front lawns and on their home’s decorations for the second most popular holiday of the year – Halloween. Halloween used to be a time of candy and dressing up as fun characters, (I dressed up as a  bum, which today would be considered culturally insensitive).

Free candy, who can beat that? That was the exciting thing about Halloween in my youth.

But Halloween has evolved into a time of worship of the dead, the undead, vampires, spirits, graves with a scary or funny saying, witches, and even Satan.  Scary stuff for young children.

That is why this year, I am proposing:

 The Scariest Most Frightening Halloween Decoration EVER! – A depiction of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

This could be one of those blow-up decorations, or the statue-like one popular this year that stands up to 15 feet tall, with the simple message “HAPPY HALLOWEEN He Died for You”.


This decoration could be so scary that you will have neighbors demanding you take it down, town officials showing up to your door.

Jesus on Cross Happy Halloween

This display would be so scary, parents would travel for blocks and blocks to avoid it. I want to contact some of the companies that make these types of decorations and see if they will make this one up for me.

Why is this scary?

Because is its confrontational to what many people believe.

How could one person die and take the sins of the whole world?

Jesus is Risin

Preposterous! Some would like Americans rather believe in the undead roaming the streets.

4 thoughts on “THE UNDERDOG REPORT: The Scariest Halloween Decoration EVER!”

  1. For sure, the Cross confronts all humanity. And, to the Lord of the cross, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord!

    Another option, is to find portraits of saints of old. Because the day after Halloween is all Saint’s Day. Why not a depiction of Martin Luther, John Wesley, Billy Graham?

    One can always dream!!


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