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UNDERDOG REPORT: Super Bowl Color Commentary

Jesus didnt teach hate 2


Monday Morning Quarterback

(Please Provide Your Comments and Perceptions) 

The yearly Superbowl extravaganza has catered and grown to not only Football fans, but also people who want to see (believe it or not), commercials, and the 40-minute half time Usher show (Where was Justin Bieber?).  This trifecta of entertainment options for this one day has make the Superbowl the most watched TV event of the years. But this year estimates were that approximately 200 million viewers watched Super Bowl LVII . This was a 9% increase over last year, or an additional 17 million people.[1]

But there is fourth reason more people are coming the to NFL, and it’s called the “Swift Bump.” Taylor Swift has been rated the #1 Billboard artist for 97 straight weeks.[2] Last year, she performed  multiple 3 ½-hour shows 60 times in stadiums around the world earning her over one billion dollars![3] Taylor been recently dating Travis Kelce, the talented and successful Kansas City Chief’s Tight End.

Over the past season, Taylor has attended many of the football games Travis has played in and this has caused a media frenzy leading up to the biggest game of the year (Is this a Hollywood movie?). There have been daily news updates of how the relationship is going, where Taylor is, and will she make it to the Superbowl. On Saturday she had to perform to sold-out performances in Tokyo and take two private jets (I’m not sure how that works) over the Pacific to make it the game on time. There was a minute to minute update of where she was, making sure to keep all the Swifties (Taylor Swift fans)[4], on minute-by-minute edge (Oh, the drama!). The Santa Claus tracker was child’s play compared to this.

This is what just one news report had to say about Ms. Swift’s effect on the NFL.

“This has not only boosted Swift’s brand value but has also helped bring new fans to the National Football League (NFL), especially women and girls. Some experts have labelled this newfound fandom the “Swift bump.” This has led to a 20 percent increase in sponsorships…NFL viewership has increased by 53 percent. Among the 18-24 age demographic, there has been an increase of 24 percent…Swift has effectively generated an additional $331.5m in brand value for the Chiefs and NFL.” [5]

Of course, Swift made it to the game on time (people expected her to arrive via helicopter on the 50-yard line, but alas, the stadium does not have an opening). The TV Station airing the game cut to her no less than 11 times during the game to see her reactions. The Swifties went wild. The Chiefs had a nail biting come behind win in overtime and won with a score of 25 to 22 over the San Francisco 49ers. Better than a Hollywood movie! Kelce had a great game and although he did not Score, he finished with nine catches for 93 yards, both game highs.[6]

This was a good game by all accounts.  Regarding commercials, here are the top 5 ads, rated by the Washington Post:[7]

  1. Best – NFL Sunday Ticket
  2. Most controversial: He Gets Us (More on this below)
  3. Most energy: Dunkin’
  4. Best celebrity cameo: CeraVe
  5. Most annoying: Temu

Since the ad “He Gets Us,” was about Jesus, a campaign to promote Christianity, I want to provide a non-partisan review of it. I don’t want to demean or over promote it, I want to stay as neutral as I can, but the ad is causing quite a stir. Some people are calling it “Blasphemy”[8] and others say it encouraged people to reach out to their neighbors and make them “feel seen, heard and loved no matter what they believe.”[9]  The people behind “He Gets Us” ran two ads during the Superbowl as part of a staggering $100 million media investment. Here is what their website has to say:

“Our campaign comprises humble perspectives from a diverse group of Jesus fans and followers with a variety of faith journeys and lived experiences bound by a common desire: to rediscover and share the compelling story of Jesus’ life in a new way.” [10]

The ad feature twelve AI generate feet washing scenes with the cover version of the song “Never Tear Us Apart,” sung by Jenn Mundia playing in the background.  In all cases the person whose feet are being washed and the person washing the feet are barefoot. The ad is below with a footnote to the link to the ad[11] as well, please in the comments let us know your thoughts on this ad:

1. A young man, after dinner, washing the feet of what appears to be his father or father-in law while both their wives in the background seem uninterested.

Father washing sons feet

2. A police officer in a dirty side alley washes the feet of a young black man who looks on.

Police washing black mans feet

3. A young cheerleader type at a school in front of a sports trophy case, surrounded by young students, washing the feet of a young girl with bright red dyed hair.

Jesus didnt teach hate 2

4. An elderly man in the dessert washing the feet of what appears to be an elderly man of American Indian heritage.

Desert man washing feet

5. A middle-aged woman washing the feet of what looks like a teen girl who may be pregnant outside of an abortion clinic. The teen does not look happy. There are abortion protestors in the background, all middle aged, one with a sign that says, “Save the Unborn.” One of the protestors is looking on in curiously.

Abortion clinic washing feet

6. A middle-aged woman in distress in what appear to be in her home that is in disarray. There are multiple empty alcohol bottles by and a young twenty something female, maybe her daughter, is washing her feet.

Alcoholic feet washed

7. An older man is washing the feet of what appears to be young American Indian teen in the middle of an oil field, where rigs are pumping out oil. There is an old sign on the ground that does not appear to be the young girl’s that says, “Clean Air Now.”

Oil field feet washing

8. A middle-aged woman is washing the feet of what appears to be an immigrant who, along with others in the background, have recently crossed the border and have been bused to a suburban neighborhood. The woman whose feet are being washed is holding a baby in her arms.

Illegals feet washed

9. A middle-aged woman is washing the feet of a Muslim woman as both of their husbands look on in interest. The woman washing her feet seem to have the expression which could be interpreted in a number of ways.

Muslim feet washed

10. A young black woman is washing the feet of a young white, or Spanish female in the middle of a protest between two angry sides. One sign displays the “Censorship” being crossed out, while one sign on the other side says, “Silence Hate.”

Black woman feet washed

11. Two older men, one black and one white, are on the porch of what appears to be a store, (someone in the background is working on a computer). Both of them have their feet in a tub. They are either drinking sodas or beers. The black man, in a gesture of compassion, has his hand on the other man’s wrist who appears touched by the gesture.

Older men feet washed

12. What appears to be a member of the LGPQT community is having his feet washed by a Catholic Priest. This is the only time a member of the clergy is shown in the 12 images.

Priest washing feet

Please provide your thoughts to these images in the comments below, again here is the link to the ad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94BqlDQ-Ppo&t=17s.

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  1. This is one of the best attempts of bringing attention what is at the core of every human being. God and His Son is part of our DNA. The Holy Spirit is the voice that asks you “Do you know who I am?” Thank you for the courage to post this


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