THE UNDERDOG REPORT: Documenting Our Demise – What’s Missing From Today’s Conservative Media? | Joe Hoft


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THE UNDERDOG REPORT: Documenting Our Demise – What’s Missing From Today’s Conservative Media? 

The Underdog Report is a team of two men, one Black and one Brown who write on conservative issues in support of this country. The use of the possessive “I” is interchangeable between both parties.

Documenting Our Demise – What’s Missing From Today’s Conservative Media? 

A well-known person recently remarked to me that today’s conservative media is only “Documenting the Demise of America.” In effect, they are reporting on just the bad news, but not doing anything about it, not offering solutions.

The constant reporting about what the Government, the media, and left are doing has caused sensory overload and fatigue. Being constantly bombarded with what is wrong, what is going wrong, and what is going to happen is having people believe there is nothing they can do about it. As a result, they shield themselves, they isolate themselves, they don’t  or stay abreast of current events. They have tuned out.


People are hiding in their everyday lives, ignoring the issues, and hoping it goes away. It’s like, rearranging the furniture on the Titanic.  But we all know what happens, the Titanic sinks and this country will also if, “We The People,” don’t get involved.  This is exactly what the left wants in this county. To shut down any and all opposition. To intimidate the population into submission.


A Republic – If We Can Keep It.

After the creation of the United States Constitution in 1787, Elizabeth Wiling Powel asked Benjamin Franklin, “Doctor, what have we got?” He responded, “A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it”  (America is NOT DEMOCRACY). Powel then asked, “And why not keep it?”

Franklins’ response pointed at the men and woman in the moment and in the future whose ambitions for power would move the country to a monarchy. He wanted the American people to be vigilant to hobble these very ambitions, (Think about the Second Amendment).  This means we as citizens must be involved.

And that duty requires constant vigilance in the coming centuries.[1] It is the citizen’ responsibility to “keep this Republic,” (Think about the three equal branches of Government). We have a Republic, but it will be up to “We the People” to keep it a Republic.[2]

What Can Be Done? Get Connected!

Attend Local School Board Meetings, ask questions, check your school’s curricular, check the books in the library. Don’t hide your head in the sand. Get your neighbors to go with you. Go to your election board meetings, find out where they are, get your friends together and raise questions. Here are some helpful links:

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5 thoughts on “THE UNDERDOG REPORT: Documenting Our Demise – What’s Missing From Today’s Conservative Media? ”

  1. Thank you! Have to confront my own shortcomings on what We and I can do for our Republic. Spiritually I’m set, I’ve accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour thru the Death on the cross, burial and resurrection. Now rather than just reading articles and watching Brannon Howse and others it’s time to get my butt off the chair. I’ve talked to family and friends and they think I’m nuts anyway so have nothing much more to loose besides life, liberty and freedom. Thank you for the motivation, article and links. Keeping you front line leaders in prayer. Grace & Peace P.S. like it when you’re on Brannon’s show!

    • Brian:

      Thank you so much. Our next blog, either next week or the week after will be “Shall we obey God or Man?”
      I am sure you know this is the ONLY time Christians are mentioned to be able to disobey civil authorities. And what were they doing? Speaking the Word. But today we Christians fight on every issue under the sky, but then comply with “You can’t speak about Jesus at work, school, college, or the public square. The 1950’s Johnson’s Amendment opened the door to provide $ to churches while shut down their ability to do exactly what we should be doing, speaking about Christ. Stay tuned for our next blog and thanks again for your comment!!!

  2. There are some great examples of conservatives who document the demise of America and offer no solutions. Some of them actively oppose the possible actions to correct our pathway to disaster.

    Faux News is great at that. The interests they appeal to are two. They get the audience by consoling them with reports of our USA failing. They avoid the required drastic actions to correct our course, so they maintain the support of the elites. Faux wants to collect as much money and audience as possible, using the audience as the USA collapses.

    VDH is an example of a person I will cite. That sophist was a classics professor. He plays the audience. He opposes MAGA policies. He provides no solutions, yet, he is considered a genius by millions.


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