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THE UNDERDOG REPORT: Should We Obey God or Man?

The Underdog Report is a team of two men, one Black and one Brown who write on conservative issues in support of this country. The use of the possessive “I” is interchangeable between both parties.

Obey God, Not Man!!

This is a popular phrase quoted in Christian circles, sometimes rather loudly. It is used for a myriad of situations, many times having to do with our government.

But you may be surprised to know there are at least 11 verses in the New Testament[1] instructing Christians to obey the government and higher authorities (e.g., your boss, the police). This more than twice the number of times we are told to obey God. There is not a single time Jesus corrected or condemned the Roman Government. In fact, he even defended it.[2] He saved His most harsh criticisms for the religious leaders of the day.

Some of the reasons God wants us to obey our authorities is that structure is needed in any society so people can live in peace and not be targeted by those in charge. This provides Christians the opportunity to tell others about Christ.

But how many New Testament verses deal with not obeying worldly authorities? You may be surprised, the answer is only one.[3]  It is important to understand the context of this “Obey God, not man” verse. It was when Peter and John were released from prison for speaking about Jesus and commanded not to speak or teach in His name again. When they continue to preach after their release, they were confronted by the authorities repeating their directive. It is here when they said they must obey God not man.  Speaking about the Good News is the ONLY time we can disobey the authorities when we are told not to. But why aren’t churches teaching or doing this?  It’s because of the Johnson Amendment.

Cash for Control – The Johnson Amendment.

This is a tax code enacted in 1954 by Senator Lyndon Johnson to keep tax-exempt organizations from participating in political campaigns.  According to Relevant Magazine, “The purpose behind the bill was to silence nonprofit groups campaigning against Johnson.” with churches as the main focus.[4] The Johnson Amendment allowed churches to be exempt from taxes in addition to allowing  contributors to take a tax write off for their donations. At the same time, it prohibited Churches from participating in political activities. If they did, or they would loss their tax-exempt status. It was a Cash for Control tactic. In exchange for not paying taxes, and for the tax-deductible donations they receive, Churches could not participate in politics by recommending a party or a person. They are allowed, however, to get involved with issues. This leads us to a very important distinction.

Separation of Church and Faith 

Through the years this Amendment has steered churches to be ‘issues based’ (Abortion, Taxes, Gun Rights, Etc.) and not Bible based. Let’s be honest, has the church won many people based on our stand of different issues, not really.  Because of the fear of losing its tax-exempt status, churches are afraid to get involved in any political issue. That may not be such bad thing, but the Church has folded on the most important issue of all, speaking about Christ. Remember, this is the ONLY time where Christians took a stand against the Government, for the freedom to speak and teach the Bible.

While the Churches in America were taking donations and building houses of worship, the Government slowly began taking away its freedom of speech rights. Under threat of having their tax-exempt status revoked churches now avoid any political issue. Have you ever seen a march where Christians were protesting about their First Amendment right to speak about the Bible? Places of work, schools, universities, government offices have all be deemed as ‘non-religious zones.’  People are getting fired and cancelled for just talking about the Bible. This has led to the principalities and power’s[5] goal to confine discussion about Jesus to within the four walls of the Church. This is separating the Church from its faith. It ties and gags Christians from speaking about the Bible the second they step out of the doors of the Church.

We can’t let this happen, we need to stop being the “issues based” group and become the “Bible Based” group by doing the most important thing of all, speaking about the freedom of Christ. It always confused me that almost all Christian denominations only concentrate on sending missionary to foreign countries. It’s as if they have given up on America. DON’T GIVE UP.

Organize home bible studies. Teach people how to witness to others and how to answer difficult questions. Show them how to teach the Bible and to pay the price. Send missionaries to American towns. Don’t be fearful.

Yes, there is a price for pay for speaking the Word in the public square, you could get canceled, fired, or arrested.  The two who said they would obey God in the Bible were beaten, but they counted it as a victory since they never stop speaking.  If enough of us do this simple peaceful thing, America will change, the world will change.


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