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UNDERDOG REPORT: Modern Law and the Bible, Part 4 – Voluntary Slavery Better Than Prison

Modern Law and the Bible, Part 4 – Voluntary Slavery – Better Than Prison   

Risk, Responsibility, Restitution, Rehabilitation

The UnderDog Says:

Over the last three weeks,[1], [2], [3] we established that risk is unavoidable, and we have been given responsibilities to protect us and others from this risk. We reviewed God’s respect of personal property in Part 1;  the overreaching aspects of the Eminent Domain and Unreasonable Search and Seizure in Part 2;  and Bible and Building Codes in Part 3.

Regarding Part 2, I recommend you watch Netflix movie “REPTILE’ that highlights how a corrupt police force could use the Search and Seizure law for their personal profit at the expense of innocent people. This movie is not fiction, since this ‘legal’ is 43 of our 50 states.[4]  This is Unreasonable Search and Seizure, and this law needs to be stricken from our books.

We are continuing now with the four aspects of the Jewish law, and we continue in Part 3, now with Restitution:

  1. RISK

With great risk, comes great responsibility, but what is unfortunately lacking in our modern law system, that God provided for with His law, is Restitution (Compensation) for victims of crimes.

If someone breaks into your house today and steals your valuables; your house is damaged, and you lost your property.  Let’s say the person who broke into your house sells your goods and gets arrested, convicted, and jailed. You have to pay to fix your house, your valuables are gone, and you are left with no compensation for either. In addition, you then have to pay the taxes needed to jail the perpetrator for the entirety of their stay.  You have been damaged three times and the law has no mechanism for you to be RESTORED to where you were before the break in.


Did you know America has a very active slavery system? America has more slaves than any other country in the world! What is a slave? If you are told what to wear, what and when to eat, when to sleep and to wake up, and you are not allowed to go anywhere; you are a slave.

Of course, I am talking about America’s penal system. The United States has 5% of the world’s population yet incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners. [5] We can accurately call these prisoners ‘slaves of the state.’ Along with recidivism (an individual’s return to crime after a release), this costs the U.S. taxpayers at least a TRILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR, equivalent to about 5% of the country’s GDP.[6]

With all this money, how well is our prison system doing with its goal to reduce crime? Not well at all. Figures show that incarcerated individuals are more likely to become better criminals rather than better citizens. 77% percent of state prisoners released in 2005 were arrested again by 2010.[7] The current system is very poor at doing what it is supposed to do, to reduce crime.  God has a better way. In today’s law system, there is no restitution for the victims of crime; and the quality of its rehabilitation is sorely lacking. It does more harm than good since many times the criminal, after being hardened in prison, comes out and harms other people when they commit additional crimes.

The Jewish Old Testament did not have prisons and had a much better and more successful approach to recidivism.


In the Old Testament, if someone stole from you or they harmed you financially, they were responsible to pay you back. Sometimes with interest, other times double or even more depending on the circumstances.  But what would happen if a person stole a from you, was caught, and could not pay you back? What was deemed as an equivalent punishment?

God had an interesting way to deal with these types of situations providing for both Restitution and Rehabilitation. The person became a house servant (type of a voluntary slave) to the person he or she stole from. Then they were ‘sold’ into slavery to the person they stole from, and they worked to pay it back. The slavery system allowed the victim to get restitution.

We see an example of possible slavery in 2 Kings 4:1-7 where Elisha encountered a window with two children unable to pay her dead husband’s debts. By law, her creditor was entitled to take her two boys as slaves to pay back the debt.  The Prophet did not condemn the creditor since what he was going to do was lawful.  But God provided a way for her to pay back the debt without her sons being sold into slavery. In addition, God provided enough extra money for her and her two sons to live on. This voluntary slavery system allowed the victims to get restitution.


Voluntary Servanthood 2

You may be thinking SLAVERY!!!, America fought a civil war to do away with slavery, we can’t go back to this! This is not the type of slavery God instituted. America’s former unjust slavery system was to kidnap someone by force, sell them into slavery for life with no hope of release. In addition, they were beaten frequently and given no rights. It was a horrible system, and we thank God it was done away with. The former American system of slavery was not God’s plan.

Most of the time a person stealing from someone is less well off than the person they stole from. The same goes true for someone in debt. There are just some people in society who, businesswise, relationship wise, and otherwise, just cannot seem to get their life together. Maybe it’s because of their upbringing, their family dynamics, their culture, their friends, or some other reason. Frequently, but not always, criminals do come from a troubled background and may not have the education or have experienced stability and morality in a family. They may lack business, or cultural environment to be successful. Hurt people hurt people.

Household indentureship, or voluntary servanthood, provided this opportunity to improve people’s lives who were caught in a life of crime or in serious debt. Since they most likely were working for someone better off than they were, they could learn a trade or how to handle finances. They could experience how a successful family lives and understand more about a stable life.   In fact,  some who were indentured liked the arrangement so much, they never wanted to go free.

It was a common occurrence that a person who was indentured could say, after their debt was paid: “I have a better life now than I had before. I eat well, I have a  place to stay. I am learning a trade; and have responsibilities. Why should I leave?”

God allowed for situations like this when a voluntary slave’s debt was paid, but they did not want to go free:

Exodus 21:5-6 (NIV) 5 “…if the servant declares, ‘I love my master and my wife and children and do not want to go free,’ 6 then his master must take him before the judges. He shall take him to the door or the doorpost and pierce his ear with an awl. Then he will be his servant for life.

This does not address all situations in the Bible, but I would venture to say that both a low-level criminal and person in debt would rather work as a voluntary house servant than to be put in prison. And victims of crimes and creditors would prefer having someone work for them to pay off what they owe, as long as their safety could be assured.

Now of course, the more serious crimes are covered in different ways. God understood people would want restitution for property loss, but voluntary servanthood would not work for situations which involved a loved one’s death, weather by accident or on purpose. People who lose property are most likely looking for a financial restitution, while people who lost more serious things, would be looking for something different.  Most times on the news when you hear a surviving family member speaking about the person that caused the death of a loved one, they are looking for justice.

Next week in Part 5, of Modern Law and the Bible, I will complete this series by tackling accidental death, murder, and the death penalty.

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