National Republican Party Votes Out Kristina Karamo as Head of Michigan GOP – But Is This Legit? | Joe Hoft


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National Republican Party Votes Out Kristina Karamo as Head of Michigan GOP – But Is This Legit?

Kristina Karamo L and Ronna Romney McDaniel 2

Here we go again. 

In early January a group of Michigan delegates gathered to remove Kristina Karamo out as head of the Michigan GOP.

MICHIGAN MESS: Kristina Karamo Removed from Head of GOP But Is Vote Legit?

The vote on Jan 6 was found to be null and void for numerous reasons and a week later a legitimate vote was carried out and Karamo won by an almost unanimous vote of support.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Wins Valid Vote – Michigan GOP Votes to Keep Karamo

Since then, numerous reports have indicated reasons for why Karamo is being targeted.  One key reason has to be Karamo’s investigation into a property that has ties to the corrupt GOP Head Ronna Romney McDaniel from the time when Romney McDaniel was Michigan GOP Chair.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel

More recently it was determined that Karamo stood up against a Chinese battery plant going up in Michigan.  The law firm representing the effort to remove Karamo from Head of Michigan GOP also represented the battery company connected to the CCP and GBI, the firm investigated for  fraudulent voter registration activities in Michigan before the 2020 Election.

Why Would the GOP Side with the CCP, the DNC and Others in Trying to Push Kristina Karamo Out as Head of the Michigan GOP?

Today the National GOP after preventing Kristina Karamo from being recognized at the National GOP Convention, voted to remove her from office.

Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra has been officially recognized by the national Republican party as the Michigan GOP chairman in a vote that also affirmed that Kristina Karamo was properly removed from the position earlier this year.

The decision was made Wednesday following a unanimous vote by the executive committee of the Republican National Committee, or RNC, to recognize Hoekstra as chair and confirm his status as a voting member of the national party.

Some members of the Michigan GOP had coalesced last month to vote Karamo out of the position, a result that she has refused to accept. Since then, dueling factions have claimed to control the state party.

Here we go again as it appears that the National GOP may not have the legal authority to commit such an act.  

Michigan is Trump country.  The state needs someone committed to election integrity more than anything.  Kristina Karamo has been standing up for this cause since the 2020 Election. 


5 thoughts on “National Republican Party Votes Out Kristina Karamo as Head of Michigan GOP – But Is This Legit?”

  1. Until MAGA breaks away from the Uniparty and destroys the GOP once and for all NOTHING will change. When the GOPe realizes that they will never win another election without us they will be more open to persuasion and eventually it will lead to its elimination. Its either that or GOP fanboys can keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

  2. You ask, “why”? It is because the GOP is just as anti-American as every other group you named. Our only two parties are communists (Globalists, Marxists, Deep State) and constitutionalists. Call them whatever you want but NEVER believe that main-stream “Republican” is on our side.

  3. For decades the MIGOP, under Ronna through Weiser, has used millions of dollars to install candidates of THEIR choice, not the choice of the people. Citizens across the state have never had a voice until precinct delegates elected Kristina Karamo to manage the MIGOP as chair.

    The Hoekstra crowd believe money is more valuable than voices. It’s the old guard of the rich keeping the wealthy in charge of the GOP with cry of needing more money. They abused the money and never helped grassroots candidates the didn’t like from precincts they didn’t respect.

    This same crowd supports and mingles with Democrats to collude against the grassroots. They use propagandists in the same way as Joe Biden, and ignore rules and laws like Joe Biden. Should we trust those who thumb their nose at decorum, rules and laws to get their way?


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