BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: RNC Chair Ronna Romney Taps Partner at Same Law Firm that Defended GBI Strategies as Michigan’s Top Election Integrity Attorney…Wants Kristina Karamo Out | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: RNC Chair Ronna Romney Taps Partner at Same Law Firm that Defended GBI Strategies as Michigan’s Top Election Integrity Attorney…Wants Kristina Karamo Out

Embattled RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel has a glaring issues in her effort to remove grassroots Michigan GOP Chairwoman Kristina Karamo.

As reported previously, embattled GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel targeted Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo after potential fraud was uncovered in Michigan related to activities related to the former Michigan GOP Chair McDaniel.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel

Researchers in Michigan have learned that the same law firm suing to remove Kristina Karamo, the first black Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, has represented a shadowy Democrat contractor GBI Strategies.

Readers of The Gateway Pundit will recognize GBI as the target of an investigation into suspected voter registration fraud by the Michigan State Police and the FBI. 

Send Lawyers, Guns and Cash Cards

In October of 2020, the Michigan State Police raided the Southfield, Michigan offices of DNC-linked campaign contractor, GBI Strategies. The company’s Muskegon office was under investigation for delivering roughly 10,000 voter registrations to the city’s clerk, many of which were found to be fraudulent. The expanding investigation brought police to GBI’s Southfield office, where, in addition to voter registration forms, they found semi-automatic rifles equipped with suppressors, along with hundreds of cash cards and numerous “burner” phones. At some point during the raid, according to the State Police report (originally published by The Gateway Pundit last August) a phone call came in to the office:

“While waiting for the amended search warrant [REDACTED] approached me and stated the attorney for [REDACTED] wanted to speak to me. His name was Brian Lennon and he was with the law firm Warner Norcross and Judd.”

The Michigan State Police Report dated 10/26/2020 details the investigation of GBI Strategies. Reference to the law firm defending them (Warner Norcross and Judd – WNJ) is highlighted.

What is even more interesting, though, is that WNJ is also currently suing to remove the Michigan GOP Chairwoman, Kristina Karamo, the only Michigan GOP Chair ever to make election integrity a top priority.

Above is a snapshot of the front page of the lawsuit filed against MIGOP Chair, Kristina Karamo as an individual.

What are the chances that this law firm, which represented the most notorious suspect in any Michigan 2020 election fraud investigation (GBI Strategies), is now also targeting the same Kristina Karamo who authorized her Election Integrity team to release the above police report on GBI Strategies?

That’s right.

The original GBI Strategies story was released by the Michigan GOP Election Integrity Committee Chair last summer (2023), on Karamo’s authority. And now the same law firm GBI Strategies retained when it was raided is suing to remove Karamo as Head of the Michigan GOP.

But, that is not the end of the strange and dubious coincidences!

Above is an alleged image of Troy Cumings, Partner at Warner Norcross and Judd.

Last week we learned that WNJ Partner, Troy Cumings–one of two lawyers now suing to remove Karamo, is allegedly an election integrity “hero.”

We learned this last week through a FOIA released by an obscure Twitter researcher.  Cumings apparently sent an email alerting the FBI to the Jessy Jacob whistleblower scandal that erupted on the floor of the TCF Center during the 2020 Election in Detroit. The FBI likely received many similar alerts after the 2020 Election debacle and, at any rate, did nothing to bring justice to Mrs. Jacob, countless whistleblowers, or Michigan voters.  

What’s interesting is the timing of the FOIA release — over 3 years after the sadly, long-forgotten incident.  

Last week, during the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting, Chairwoman Karamo learned that Troy Cumings had just been tapped by Ronna Romney’s RNC to become Michigan’s Election Integrity Counsel for the RNC.  

Yet, while he appears to be an environmentalist and partner at a woke law firm pushing diversity, equity and inclusion, and who has made it his official mission to bring “the lobbying strengths of K Street to Lansing,” Cumings is unknown to many election integrity activists in Michigan. This is due to a lack of any known legal assistance he has provided to any election integrity efforts. In Michigan, the number of attorneys willing to fight the election integrity battle can be counted on one hand. Yet, for almost 4 years, Troy’s name has never seemed to appear despite his allegedly witnessing serious possible fraud and being an attorney.

Ronna Romney McDaniel is pushing an attorney for the firm that represented GBI Strategies in Michigan in a fraud investigation. 

This says a lot about McDaniel’s efforts to address the numerous election integrity efforts in the state while trying to remove current Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: RNC Chair Ronna Romney Taps Partner at Same Law Firm that Defended GBI Strategies as Michigan’s Top Election Integrity Attorney…Wants Kristina Karamo Out”

  1. Ronna is not trying to remove Kristina, the State Committee has done that already because of her mediocre and financially dangerous actions. Kristina had no management or business skills to offer and her performance as Chair proved that. She has bankrupted the party by HER decisions and no one else’s. All these ‘conspiracy theories’ are nonsense and have nothing to do with this situation, except as deflections to continue the destruction of the state MIGOP. Perhaps you’re one of the secret infiltrators that led KK on this path, misleading her with deliberately bad advice. Her heart was in the right place, but her experience was not. And how clever of you to throw in the RACE card!! You must truly be a Dem!! That didn’t matter to any of us and still doesn’t because we judge people as people, not as skin color only. WE elected her and WE fired her like real people do based on merit ONLY. Perhaps you’re friends with Mike Labadie, the Dem plant?? Don’t worry, you’ve been exposed and we know what you all are doing.

    • 59 members of the State Committee voted that Kristina Karamo is still MIGOP chair. 40 voted to remove her, in a meeting whose procedures are under dispute. There are a total of 107 State Committee members. To glibly claim that “the state committee” removed her kind of ignores that a majority have voted for her while a minority voted to remove her.

    • Since you seem to have Kristina all figured out, I assume that you have looked into Ronna Romney as well?? Due diligence and all that…..

  2. Oh the ‘conspiracy theory nonsense’ defense. That is a sure sign of a RINO. No. Ronna had to know who Troy Cummins was and what his circle looks like—GBI fraudsters in particular. He was hired to never let the blame reach the Financiers of the operation—that story is as old as politics.

  3. Ronna is a donkey in elephant clothing. While out at events she would have the people under her tell people they were Democrats.
    She’s a plant. She bankrupted the GOP, she campaigning for Democrats and she’s hiring Democrat operatives.

  4. The real issue is that Karamo has failed on so many levels as MIGOP chair that a group legitimately did their duty to remove her. The nefarious Karamo team wants to disenfranchise millions of Michigan voters to deny them their legal right to vote in Michigan primaries, from presidential to local candidates. They tried to hide this from the very delegates they plan to manipulate into going along with this communist scheme but they are being exposed for what they are: tyrants. If they were to succeed it would only take a fraction of democrats to infiltrate at the precinct delegate level and the Republican Party of Michigan would be lost forever. Wake up and look at the facts. Karamo and Labadie are democrats who plan to destroy the Michigan Republican Party. And they almost got away with it.


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