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Attorney Calls Out Corrupt FBI in Seth Rich Murder Case

Attorney Ty Clevenger responded to the FBI in his latest filing in the Seth Rich case and it’s devastating. 

Last week we found out that the FBI was lying and creating new excuses why they shouldn’t have to legally hand over documents related to Seth Rich.

Since 2016, those interested in Seth Rich’s murder have wanted to get the information and evidence behind his murder.  The corrupt FBI won’t provide evidence surrounding the case, lies, and takes actions to bury it forever. 

Attorney Ty Clevenger has worked to obtain the evidence behind Seth Rich’s murder for years.  Rich was murdered in 2016 at the time he worked at the DNC.  Many suspect that Rich is who provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks but this is being covered up because the corrupt FBI wanted to blame the production of these damning emails on Russia which we all know now is a lie.

BREAKING: FBI Lies and Creates New Reasons Not to Provide Seth Rich’s Laptops Despite Court Order

Today, Attorney Clevenger responded to the the FBI’s response from last week.

Clevenger shares:

In Paragraph 9 of the Eighth Declaration of Michael G. Seidel (Dkt. #148-1) filed on February 8, 2024, Mr. Seidel indicates that the FBI made an ex parte, in camera filing “[w]hen the FBI became aware that the USAO-DC and MPD had an open investigation into the death of Seth Rich.”

Any seasoned law enforcement officer knows that murder investigations are always “open” until the murder is solved. It appears that the FBI has concocted a false story, namely that it just learned – seven-and-a-half years after Mr. Rich’s murder – that the murder case is still open, and that it therefore just learned that everything on the laptops is exempt from disclosure. Mr. Huddleston strongly disputes the FBI’s self-serving assertion that it previously had no reason to know that Seth Rich’s laptops were relevant to an “open” murder investigation.

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3 thoughts on “Attorney Calls Out Corrupt FBI in Seth Rich Murder Case”

  1. There’s been so many murders at the hands of the Clintons I am having a hard time keeping track. Is this the guy who shot himself?

    • No! Seth Rich was walking home from a dinner or something in DC. He was shot in the back, and nothing was taken Dems called it a robbery, but several high-level Dem operatives showed up at the emergency room – my guess, to check if he had anything on him that incriminated them.

  2. There were other investigators at the time, who were getting close but Seth Rich’s parents told them to stop, that just wanted to be left alone with their grief…AND a much fatter wallet, courtesy the DNC, I’m sure. I have never forgotten that horrible act by parents. Had to know they were Dem’s,


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