BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel

Kristina Karamo L and Ronna Romney McDaniel

Kristina Karamo was targeted after she uncovered potential fraud related to Ronna Romney McDaniel in Michigan. 

An effort to get rid of election integrity supporter Kristina Karamo in Michigan began as soon as she was elected Head of the GOP in the state.  This effort never really made sense and seemed over the top.  Why was Karamo such a threat to the elites in the Michigan GOP?

In Michigan, the GOP was run by a few big money donors.  It appeared that they were willing to let the party fall apart rather than help Karamo and the grass roots and huge MAGA base in the state move forward.  The big money decidedly went against Karamo. But why?  Was it because she supported President Trump, which the RINOs across the country are working so hard to defeat?

Efforts to oust Karamo really increased in December 2023.  The word on the street was Karamo couldn’t raise any money.  But was that really it?  Did that justify the actions that then happened?

By the end of December, word on the street was that Karamo was going to be removed from GOP leadership in early January.  Then on Jan 6 a minority of GOP delegates met in Michigan and voted Karamo out.  The Big Media (legacy media) was all there and they pushed the narrative that Karamo had been removed as Head of Michigan GOP.

MICHIGAN MESS: Kristina Karamo Removed from Head of GOP But Is Vote Legit?

But we soon learned that this was not the case.  Karamo had not legally been removed and a sanctioned meeting according the GOP rules was held a week later and Karamo won hands down with only one vote against her by the GOP delegates.  Karamo was saved.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Wins Valid Vote – Michigan GOP Votes to Keep Karamo

So why the push to get her out?

It turns out that the real reason Kristina Karamo is being attacked is because she was getting very close to uncovering potential fraud related to the former Michigan GOP Head, Ronna Romney McDaniel and she doesn’t want this getting out. 

Once Karamo took over the Michigan GOP she had a hard time getting the numbers for the Michigan GOP’s account balances.  The related reports were not provided immediately and when they were provided, it appeared that the party was around $600,000 in debt with a $3 million LOC.   In addition the bank was reluctant to provide details on the party’s bank accounts.

This eventually led to a court battle filed in early December 2023.  The suit revolves around a property that the Michigan Republican Party, run by Karamo claimed was the Party’s property.  However, another group, The Michigan Party Trust has made claims that they own the property and yet this organization is not recognized as a political party or state central committee.

The Michigan GOP’s position that the Michigan Republican Party Trust’s ownership in the property is “fiction”.

Documents from the case dated in 2014 were the ones referred to as “fiction”.

Note that Ronna Romney McDaniel was the Michigan GOP Chair from 2015 through 2017.  She oversaw the Republican Party in the state while this bogus agreement was in place.  She is also mentioned in this suit.

Below is the filed document in this lawsuit.

Filed Copy of MI Lawsuit Between GOP Entities by Joe Ho on Scribd

Is GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel trying to hide something?  Is this why the massive effort since December to push Karamo out?  We expect that we will soon know more.  

16 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel”

  1. Pete Hoekstra and Rep Bill Huizenga are behind running establishment candidates in MI to overthrow constitutionally minded candidates and incumbents, like in Ottawa County, MI with Ottawa Impact. The establishment candidates formed a PAC called Ottawa Conservatives, which has Bill Huizenga’s half-brother running against one of the best female County Commissioners in Ottawa County, MI. The RNC and establishment do not want Karamo and the delegates to close the primary because if they do, it removes any chance of the establishment candidates that are recruiting Democrats to cross over and vote for them, a dead-on-arrival chance for the general.

    My view are my own.

    • I share your views. Thank God Karamo is a fighter and I’m very hopeful that she will get the job done and close our primary!

  2. As a delegate in Michigan, I attended the February 2023 state convention and, although I did not support Kristina Karamo for MIGOP Chair, I fully support her efforts now. She won by a large margin at that convention and deserves to serve out her two-year term. From day one, the establishment RINOs have tried to sabotage her leadership of the MIGOP. This article may just have answered the WHY of that very bizarre reaction by the establishment politicians who resent any grassroots movement that they don’t strictly control. They are desperate to fracture the party if it means they keep the status quo. As of today, the majority of the state committee and the delegates support Kristina and she is the MIGOP Chairwoman, despite what news channels and social media posts say.

  3. I am totally confused about what’s going on with Karamo in Michigan. I live here and there’s so many conflicting reports even on a grassroots Facebook page that supports Trump and MAGA. I’m hoping someone can shed some light on who is the guilty party. Most recently this was posted:

  4. I have decided not to give any more money to the RNC until they get their act together. What a mess. It is getting harder to know who to believe any more or how our donations are being spent. I will give to individual candidates and to my state instead. This isn’t going to help us win come November unless we get control by running out the RINOS. Our party is so split. Just look at how they are trying to control our state here in Michigan. We are fighting back here. We aren’t going to take it anymore!

  5. Mike Labadie voted Democrat in 2016 and after Trump won moved to MI. He registered as a R and became a delegate. Once on the committee to find candidates for the party, he (or him and his backers) found Karamo. Yes she possesses speaking abilities, but she had no background for the SOS leadership position. In fact, Labadie became her mentor. When Trump met her there was the hesitation she knew anything about election integrity. When she kept talking about abortion and other issues, getting off topic for what she was running for, Trump distanced himself from her. In fact, Trump at a rally later called her Karano not Karamo. That told us here, after he endorsed Matt DePerno for chair he did not see her fit for the job. So if she got so many to vote for her into chair, and Trump wanted De Perna where were the delegates that say they support Trump? Karamo wasn’t writing those speeches. It was Labadie. Wake up MI…we have been fooled by a Democrat operative group. Labadie is involved in other states, too. As for that property, if it is Weisner’s who bought it and set it up as a trust for the MI party to use in a trust, then all of hat will come out in court. His intent to buy it for the MI party to use may be a good thing and not bad like it is being implicated.

    • I support Trump. But he sometimes was misled by his advisors. I supported Matt Deperno, too. But Karamo was the only one fighting during 2022 Mid-term election, while DePerno quickly conceded to Dana Nassel. I think that’s why the delegates liked Karamo, even though Trump endorsed DePerno.


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