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WAKE UP – Modern Day Trojan Horse Continues – Busload of Foreign Warriors Unloads in Sikeston, MO Yesterday

A busload of what appear to be foreign military soldiers unloaded in Sikeston, Missouri yesterday.  Why are we allowing this invasion of foreign soldiers to occur?

I received this video last night from a friend on Facebook – what the hell is going on?  Why are we allowing this?

In the video below, a group of military aged men who all look like they are in the military are unloaded in Sikeston, Missouri.  The man in the picture above led the men off the bus.

We have no idea who they are.  We have no idea if they are criminals or Hamas warriors?  We have no idea where they are going.  We have a good idea that we are not safe with this invasion occurring.

Here is another picture from the video:

Mayorkas and Biden need to be impeached, but they also need to be held accountable for the destruction of the USA.  This is a Trojan Horse that I have been warning about for months.

The Modern-Day Trojan Horse Continuously Moves Forward

Wake up America!  We are under attack. 

1 thought on “WAKE UP – Modern Day Trojan Horse Continues – Busload of Foreign Warriors Unloads in Sikeston, MO Yesterday”

  1. Democrats attacked the Capitol on January 6th to disrupt congress. Why? Because it was announced well ahead that 6 states supported by 120 legislators were filing formal Title 3 Objections to Biden’s electors, and had evidence of ballot fraud to back it up.

    Democrats had Antifa and the FBI to help organize the attack.

    These aliens are not only able to register to vote under HAVA (Help America Vote Act) but can destroy cities, just as BLM and Antifa did.

    Meanwhile, liberal Stand Your Ground and Castle Laws deny citizens from using firearms to defend their property.


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