The Modern-Day Trojan Horse Continuously Moves Forward | Joe Hoft


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The Modern-Day Trojan Horse Continuously Moves Forward

The invasion continues.  

When will Americans wake up to the historically insane event happening at the country’s Souther Border?

Here is the worst-case scenario:

Biden pushes too far and gets into a war with Russia – something that is not too far-fetched at this point in time.  Then China joins Russia and together, China and Russia jump into a war with the US.  Then suddenly on a day and time, all the men of military age who have invaded our country join forces and start targeting America from within – water, food, electricity, and the Internet are under attack.  Then what?

Biden allowing the Southern Border to remain open to drug cartels and enemies of the USA is insane.

Look at the individuals who just landed on our border – do you see any women or children?

We are under attack. 

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