Growing Evidence that Corrupt Jack Smith Florida Case Was Created to Steal Crossfire Hurricane Docs from Trump | Joe Hoft


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Growing Evidence that Corrupt Jack Smith Florida Case Was Created to Steal Crossfire Hurricane Docs from Trump

These people are rabid animals.  They have no regard for the law.  It’s only used to prosecute Americans trying to stop their destruction of America. 

Evidence is growing that the Jack Smith case in Florida was put in place to steal documents from President Trump that showed the many crimes in the crossfire hurricane effort by Obama to overthrow the government.

Biden’s totally corrupt DOJ and FBI raided President Trump’s home and stole documents that the President had the legal right to possess.  This raid was quickly outed as unprecedented, unnecessary and unlawful.

EXCELLENT: Former Law Clerk for Justice Gorsuch Lays Out Why the Mar-a-Lago Raid Based on Today’s Affidavit Was “Unprecedented…Unnecessary, and…Unlawful”

We soon found that the corrupt FBI thugs who raided the President’s home inserted documents to make President Trump look bad.  They were later discarded.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TGP Caught Corrupt FBI Inserting Docs during Mar-a-Lago Raid to Make Trump Look Bad – But Now They’re Gone!

But as more and more information came out, it appeared that the raid and theft of the President’s personal belongings by the Biden gang was to prevent documents getting out that showed the crimes of Obama, Clinton, Biden, Comey, Brennan and others involved in the “Crossfire Hurricane” effort to overthrow the Trump Administration.

BOOM! Kash Patel: This Entire Raid on Mar-a-Lago Was to Prevent Disclosure of Declassified Russiagate Documents that Implicate FBI! (VIDEO)

Revolver came out with more information on the corrupt and unconstitutional raid on President Trump’s home.

The sham classified documents case that Jack Smith is spearheading against President Trump has encountered a couple of very significant setbacks in recent days—setbacks so severe that they have the potential to derail the entire case. President Trump says he has evidence that the Biden administration colluded with various federal agencies to arm Jack Smith with the ammunition for his indictment. Furthermore, he has disclosed an additional bombshell that could once again shake the foundation of the case…

…The twist in the story is that President Trump’s security clearance was revoked after discovery of the documents following a change in the status of those documents. It was on Biden’s request that NARA withdrew Trump’s privileges–a request that was granted. After, the documents were reclassified, providing the basis for the raid on Mar-a-Lago. The underlying objective all along was to seize  incriminating documents from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, destroy President Trump and fix the 2024 U.S. election.

A crime family is in the White House and the DOJ and FBI are ran by gangster types who will do anything to crush any efforts to uncover their crimes and remove them from power. 

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  1. That would explain a lot. If Trump had them for the purpose of showing just how corrupt the DOJ,FBI,Obama and biden are, and he Doesn’t have copies, I’d be really surprised. He had to know They would want them. Whatever Trump had, I think They wanted. Because


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