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SHOCKING: All Biden Gang Members Involved Should be Fired and Arrested for Child Trafficking Today

Biden and Robin Dunn Dir of ORR

The Biden Administration is running the largest child trafficking organization in US history.  They need to be held accountable.

The corrupt Biden gang is involved in child trafficking.  This is sick.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Billions Spent on MASSIVE Camps Used in Trafficking Children Located Across Border States

The firm NVM connected to child trafficking is paid nearly $1 billion for just one contract.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Firm Implicated in Child Trafficking Pipeline, MVM Inc, Is Connected to CIA, NSC, Secret Service and Henry Kissinger

Children who are trafficked across the Southern border are handed over to people and the Biden gang doesn’t care what happens to these children after that.  Many are used as work or sex slaves.

This video says it all.

The Biden Administration needs to be held accountable for this. 

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