New Evidence Shows How the Corrupt Government Tried to Shut Down Hunter Biden Laptop Story | Joe Hoft


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New Evidence Shows How the Corrupt Government Tried to Shut Down Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The US government was totally corrupted under Barack Hussein Obama.  Everyday we uncover more evidence on this corruption.

We all knew the Hunter Biden laptop was real after some research.  Then we were able to see a copy of the hard drive and we were convinced.

In October of 2020 only a week before the 2020 Election I shared a series of articles at The Gateway Pundit outlining the corruption, blackmail and disgusting inner workings of the Biden family.

[Twitter suspended me for my factual reporting and those who retweeted it were banned as well.]

REMINDER: TGP’s Joe Hoft Was Suspended on Twitter for Sharing Hunter Biden Had Family Pictures in a Pornhub Account Found on Laptop – Those Who Retweeted This Were Banned for Hours

The Biden family wasn’t only corrupt they were down right disgusting.

A few weeks before these posts, the government was behind the scenes working to cover it up.

We’ve known this for a long time but yesterday more evidence was uncovered of the government’s efforts to cover up the Biden family corruption before the 2020 Election.

Senator Grassley released a letter describing from whistleblowers how the federal government worked to shut down investigations into the laptop.

Also, yesterday information from a FOIA request was released (redacted of course by this corrupt government) from the CISA showing that the federal government immediately began efforts to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop as soon as the story was released.

The CISA claimed the story was false even though in late 2019 they knew it was authentic.

The Atlantic Council performed a trial run on information coming out about the Hunter Biden laptop.

The CISA worked on efforts to debunk this story before it came to light as well.

This dark period in American history must end now. 

2 thoughts on “New Evidence Shows How the Corrupt Government Tried to Shut Down Hunter Biden Laptop Story”

  1. Didn’t the DOJ have that laptop by the fall of 2019? That was when stories began coming out about it. Rudy was one of the people who exposed it.

    Where was the GOP led senate judiciary committee, which had responsibility for Constitutional oversight of the DOJ? They held no hearings and asked no questions on the subject. The GOP members were:

    Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, Chair
    Chuck Grassley, Iowa
    John Cornyn, Texas
    Mike Lee, Utah
    Ted Cruz, Texas
    Ben Sasse, Nebraska
    Josh Hawley, Missouri
    Thom Tillis, North Carolina
    Joni Ernst, Iowa
    Mike Crapo, Idaho
    John Kennedy, Louisiana
    Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee

    There was plenty of cause to investigate, in addition to the revelations on Ukraine from Rudy and OAN. The GOP was involved in the coverups.


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