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EXCLUSIVE: Attorney Joe diGenova on Why Sidney Powell Would Plead Guilty to Charges in Georgia

Attorney Joe diGenova joined his wife, attorney Victoria Toensing, on the Joe Hoft Show this week.  During the discussion, diGenova addressed Sidney Powell’s pleas in Georgia.

diGenova and Toensing joined The Joe Hoft Show on TNT Radio on Monday.

Many topics were covered including the 2020 Election, the corrupt courts in the US and the recent actions against the Trump team.

Then towards the end of the discussing the topic of Sidney Powell pleading guilty in Georgia in the case against President Trump by the corrupt Soros-backed DA was discussed.

diGenova shared:

She’s pleading guilty to six misdemeanors that are on what’s called a first time offender’s statute.  Which means if she follows her probationary schedule for six years all of those cases are dismissed, she has no record, and she can’t be disbarred.  Whereas if you get convicted of a felony you can be disbarred.

So this was all leverage.  Fani Willis has overcharged all these people knowing that she would work out arrangements with them.  They would get plea deals that were very generous that would not harm them professionally so she could say that she got convictions.

And by the way, all of these commentators are saying that all of these people, Sidney Powell, Chesebro, Jenna Ellis, that all these people agreed to testify against Trump.  They have not.

They have agreed to testify truthfully.  There is a big difference.

Toensing then shared:

And if Sidney Powell testifies truthfully, the truth be that we were there, Joe, she was one of the biggest proponents that the election was stolen.

Listen to the discussion below at the 46:00 minute mark where Attorney diGenova gives his thoughts on Powell’s actions.

1 thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Attorney Joe diGenova on Why Sidney Powell Would Plead Guilty to Charges in Georgia”

  1. None of these people have reversed their position that the election was stolen.

    The charges they pled guilty to are minor.

    Joe and Victoria seem like decent people. But, they were entirely wrong on Bill Barr. They insisted numerous times that Barr was going to get very tough on corruption. I wonder how they could be so wrong on a person they knew and had knowledge of.


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