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SHOCKER: Biden Gives $10 Billion More to Iran

The Biden gang decided to give another $10 billion to terrorist nation Iran.

Back in November, only a few months ago it was reported that Biden had given Iran $50-60 billion since taking over.

Biden Gang Has Awarded $50-60 Billion to Iran Since Taking Over

The Biden gang is not satisfied.  Daily Caller reports:

The Biden administration renewed a sanctions waiver against the Iranian regime Wednesday that unlocks billion in previously frozen funds, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

The sanctions waiver, extended for another four months, allows Tehran access to $10 billion in previously frozen Iranian revenues collected from electricity exports, according to The Washington Free Beacon, which has viewed the renewal notice. The Biden administration has been criticized for taking a soft-line stance against Iran, such as easing up on sanctions and paying out “ransom” for hostages, in a bid to appease the regime and deter it from acting hostile toward the West, which has not manifested promising results.

The Washington Free Beacon shared:

“The Biden administration on Wednesday reapproved a sanctions waiver that unlocks upwards of $10 billion in frozen funds for the Iranian government, according to a copy of the notice submitted to Congress late Wednesday and reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.”

As President Trump said, Biden “made Iran RICH. This is why we have the problems in the Middle East. With me, Iran was BROKE. He is the reason that the Middle East is blowing up!”

Yes, President Trump is correct.  It’s insane for any US President to support terrorist nation Iran. 

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