Corrupt Jack Smith’s Classified Docs Case Against President Trump May Be Falling Apart | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Jack Smith’s Classified Docs Case Against President Trump May Be Falling Apart

President Trump was indicted by Biden’s corrupt DOJ and Jack Smith for the crime of having classified documents in his possession even though he was President and had the right to have these documents in his possession.  Now the case appears to be falling apart. 

President Trump was in St. Lucie County, Florida today for another appearance in a courtroom related to BS charges from the Biden regime.   Biden/Obama people are really sick and corrupt.

President Trump is being charged with having in his possession at Mar-a-Lago classified documents that he had every right to maintain based on the Presidential Records Act.

Joe Biden was recently exonerated for having classified docs that he stole while either a Senator or a VP.  Biden had no right to maintain classified docs in his possession.  He was let go despite numerous felonies for having records in his possession.

Judge Cannon’s scrutiny of the case against Trump was rigorous. Legal analyst Julie Kelly reported that Cannon challenged the Department of Justice’s stance, highlighting the absence of precedent for charging a former president or vice president under the Espionage Act for retaining classified records. The judge’s examination underscored a critical question: If Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents has not led to charges, why should Trump’s case be different?

Judge Cannon asked the corrupt DOJ questions pertaining to President Trump’s security clearance.

Note that the fact that the corrupt FBI turned off all cameras inside of Mar-a-Lago and prevented anyone from observing their actions while there is cause for great concern.  What were they really doing there?


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