Biden Gang Has Awarded $50-60 Billion to Iran Since Taking Over | Joe Hoft


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Biden Gang Has Awarded $50-60 Billion to Iran Since Taking Over


The Biden gang has awarded an estimated $50 – 60 Billion to Iran since taking power from the Trump Administration. 

Iran has been on the terrorist watch list since 1984 yet the Obama-Biden Administrations are hell-bent on funding their efforts. 

Open the Books reports:


Our auditors estimated that $50-$60 billion has flowed into Iran since the Biden administration began. This made breaking headlines in the national news.

A big part of the new funds can be traced back to oil sales after the Biden administration relaxed sanctions. But money came from surprising sources, too: federal research grants to wealthy universities ended up partnering with Iranians.

Why the partnerships and why the funding? Yale and Johns Hopkins, where the research was done, have nearly $49 billion in combined endowments!

Open the Books Substack continues:

By making concessions to the Mullahs who operate the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, the Biden Administration has directly or indirectly pumped more than $50 billion into their coffers enabling untold violence, international destabilization, that threatens our our allies.

It allowed the sale of Iranian oil worth approximately $40 billion.

It allowed the sale of electricity to Iraq, bringing in an estimated $10 billion to the regime.

Most recently, it released another $6 billion to Iran in Iranian cash. Fortunately for all, the current custodian of that cash, Qatar, has agreed to hold onto those payouts for now.

Despite universal opprobrium and hard sanctions on Iran, Yale University and The Johns Hopkins University have partnered with Iranian entities for research in country since 2013 on the U.S. taxpayer’s dime. Both universities hold massive endowments and don’t need the taxpayer’s help. Furthermore, both were recently criticized for not rebuking the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.

Less than one month ago, the Hamas terrorist group, funded by Iran, invaded and attacked Israel, killing innocent civilians and kidnapping more.

This was ultimately all funded by the Biden-Obama Administration. 

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