NBC, NIKE, Wilson, and WNBA Players Silent on Insane Decision to Keep Caitlin Clark Off of Olympic Team | Joe Hoft


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NBC, NIKE, Wilson, and WNBA Players Silent on Insane Decision to Keep Caitlin Clark Off of Olympic Team

Major corporations are set to lose tens of millions of dollars and American greatness is damaged again because five former WNBA women decided to keep Caitlin Clark off of the Olympic team. 

Caitlin Clark likely would have been the star of the Olympics.  The WNBA would have been the big winner.  Instead, five women made the decision to keep the greatest women’s basketball player in history off of the Olympic team.  The decision wasn’t based on performance, so it must have been jealousy or bias.

Caitlin Clark, the greatest collegiate player in history (who many believe is the greatest of all time) broke nearly every men’s and women’s basketball scoring and assist records while at the University of Iowa.  She will not be on the Olympic team.

Clark has continued her record-setting performance in the WNBA.  

As of June 8, no player selected to the Olympic team has scored more 3-pointers this year in the WNBA than Clark, and only one woman on the Olympic team has more assists than Clark this WNBA Season.

Brittney Griner who has only scored 11 points this year will be on the team.  She recently was in a Russian prison after being arrested for smuggling drugs into the country.

Diana Taurasi who is on the team is behind Clark in nearly every category.

Where is the WNBA?  This decision by these five women will destroy their league forever.  No hiding it anymore.  The league makes petty decisions rather than business decisions.

This is why the WNBA has never made any money.  It is subsidized by the NBA.  Dumb and petty decisions have killed this league.

Based on social media, many people believe the women running the WNBA make decisions based on race and sexual identity.  Clark is a white Christian woman with a boyfriend and is discriminated against and attacked because of it.

BREAKING: Here’s the Five Women Who Made the Insane and Biased Choice to Keep Caitlin Clark Out of Olympics

NBC will lose tens of millions based on this decision to keep Clark off of the team.  Viewership will go way down without Clark in Paris. Clark’s removal will be another reason not to watch the Olympics.

NIKE will lose.  Nike backs Clark and Clark won’t be in the Olympics.

Wilson also gets a loss for backing Clark.

The WNBA players lose the most.  They finally have some attention and this terrible decision by five women will negatively impact the league forever.

Where are women of integrity?  Why are they not standing up against this injustice?  


3 thoughts on “NBC, NIKE, Wilson, and WNBA Players Silent on Insane Decision to Keep Caitlin Clark Off of Olympic Team”

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  2. funny how all the konservatives are hating this decision and they are suppose to be against males pretending to be female
    much rather see a team of ‘dykes’ than a team of females with a pretend one as a member


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