Caitlin Clark Not on Olympic 3×3 Team Either – College Player She Schooled in NCAA Tourney on Team Instead! | Joe Hoft


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Caitlin Clark Not on Olympic 3×3 Team Either – College Player She Schooled in NCAA Tourney on Team Instead!


The US will have a Women’s 3×3 Basketball team in the Olympics.  The greatest player in NCAA Women’s Basketball history, Caitlin Clark, will not be on that team either.  

We learned over the weekend that Caitlin Clark, the greatest collegiate player in history (who many believe is the greatest of all-time) will not be on the Olympic team.  Clark became the all-time scorer in NCAA basketball history in her career this past year, breaking nearly every record for scoring and assists that there were to break.

Clark is famous for her 3 point shots from near the half-court.  These are long shots for the NBA let alone for NCAA women’s basketball.  Clark broke the all-time women’s scoring record with one her famous logo 3 point shots.

Clark has continued her record-setting performance in the WNBA.  As of June 8, no player selected to the Olympic team has scored more 3-pointers this year in the WNBA than Clark, and only one woman on the Olympic team has more assists than Clark this WNBA Season.

Brittney Griner who has only scored 11 points this year will be on the team.  She recently was in a Russian prison after being arrested for smuggling drugs into the country.  Diana Taurasi who is on the team is behind Clark in nearly every category there is.

But Clark wasn’t invited.  Clark also wasn’t invited on the 3×3 US women’s Olympic team.  

The 3×3 team was announced last week by USA basketball.

Atlanta Dream guard Rhyne Howard, the 2022 WNBA Rookie of the Year, and Los Angeles Sparks center Cameron Brink, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft, will lead Team USA’s 3×3 Women’s Basketball team at the Paris Olympics. They will be joined by TCU guard Hailey Van Lith and former WNBA player Cierra Burdick.

Clark, who was the number one pick in the draft will not be on the team.  Clark is crushing Brink and Howard in scoring, threes and assists.  Burdick isn’t even in the WNBA anymore.

Clark played against Van Lith in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament this past year.  Clark totally schooled her.

Clark will not be in the Olympics but these girls will? They are great athletes.  But Clark not making the team is a travesty.

The five women who set this up so that Caitlin Clark will not be going to the Olympics are below.  This was just plain dumb, mean, bitter and jealous.

BREAKING: Here’s the Five Women Who Made the Insane and Biased Choice to Keep Caitlin Clark Out of Olympics

This is plain Shameful and Wrong.

7 thoughts on “Caitlin Clark Not on Olympic 3×3 Team Either – College Player She Schooled in NCAA Tourney on Team Instead!”

  1. could it be they want a ‘women’s’ team without a dude pretending to be a female
    don’t start screaming — look at it. it is a male pretending to be female.
    and all the konservative sites are screaming and promoting a tranny — what a joke
    proof no one tells the truth anymore

  2. Say ‘diversity’ to me EVER again and I will laugh in your face. What a racist joke the WOKE have revealed themselves to be.

  3. The reason she is not on the Olympic team is simple . She has bought an avalanche of money into woman’s basketball over the last year or so and the admin do not want to see an end to that for a month or so with her away and preparing for the Olympics , they won’t say that of course . The Olympics do not bring in any money DIRECTLY , but Caitlin at home does , bigtime! Always “follow the money”.

  4. Shaquille O’Neal didn’t make the Dream Team. He was passed up for Christian Laettner. Their respective careers amplified the folly of that decision.

    Same situation, only the roles were reversed.


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