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Judge Cannon Fires Back at Corrupt Jack Smith

Judge Cannon

Judge Cannon in Florida provided an appropriate response to corrupt Jack Smith’s outrageous motion yesterday.

Yesterday it was reported that Jack Smith wanted Judge Cannon to comply with his demands regarding jury instructions in the corrupt and criminal case against President Trump.  President Trump did nothing wrong but the corrupt and criminal DOJ under AG Merrick Garland, senile Joe Biden and Jack Smith want to put Trump in prison so they made up charges so they could raid President Trump’s home and steal records that were President Trump’s.

Corrupt Jack Smith Files Threatening Motion with Florida Judge – Wants to Ignore President Trump’s Right to Possess Records When He Left DC

Judge Cannon responded to corrupt Smith in a manner that liberals feared.

The collective heads of liberal analysts everywhere are exploding in the wake of devastating pushback by Southern Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon against special counsel Jack Smith who earlier this week “threw down the gauntlet” with threats to appeal her ruling on jury instructions.

Glenn Kirschner, a progressive former federal prosecutor, said Judge Cannon has given Smith an “extremely ominous” message about her plans to potentially deny his request to issue a quick ruling on competing jury instructions submitted by former President Donald Trump’s legal team regarding the Presidential Records Act.

The former president’s lawyers have insisted that all documents retained from his time in the White House were declassified under the law, even those containing national security secrets. Smith contends their interpretation is “baseless” and concocted out of “whole cloth” and said he will appeal Cannon’s ruling if she allows the instructions to be considered by a jury.

“Remember, a couple of days ago Jack Smith filed a scorched-earth filing in this case saying, Wait a minute, Judge Cannon, you’re proposing to give two jury instructions and those jury instructions say the Presidential Records Act means that Donald Trump is essentially not guilty of the charges,” Kirschner said on Brian Tyler Cohen’s YouTube show The Legal Breakdown on Thursday evening, Newsweek reports.

He continued: “And Jack Smith responded by saying that’s not an accurate formulation of the law. And if you give those jury instructions, you will be orchestrating an acquittal, you’ll be orchestrating a not guilty verdict, and you’ll be doing it at a time after the trial has already started, after the jury has sworn in, after jeopardy attaches. You’ll be doing it at a time when the prosecutors couldn’t appeal you if you dismiss the case.”

That’s your problem, Judge Cannon essentially shot back at Smith.

“Separately, to the extent the Special Counsel demands an anticipatory finalization of jury instructions prior to trial, prior to a charge conference, and prior to the presentation of trial defenses and evidence, the Court declines that demand as unprecedented and unjust,” she wrote in a ruling that day.

All prior Presidents can take what they want from the White House.  A precedent was set when Bill Clinton had classified tapes in his sock drawer and this was found ok.

President Trump took what he wanted as well.

This is all another set up by the corrupt communist left. 

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