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BREAKING: Fani Willis Reportedly Caught in a Crime

Soros-backed Fulton County DA Fani Willis has reportedly been caught in a crime.

Trending Politics reported on this story.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing allegations that she illegally recorded a phone call between her and a defense lawyer for one of the defendants in Willis’ RICO case against former President Donald Trump and a number of his allies.

In an interview with legal analyst Phil Holloway, attorney Christopher Kachouroff, who is representing Trump co-defendant Harrison Floyd, alleges that Willis recorded a phone call between her and one of Kachouroff’s Maryland-based colleagues. The recording was conducted without their knowledge.

Floyd, who founded an organization called Black Voices for Trump, is one of 16 remaining co-defendants in the case.

What a piece of work Willis is.  Then again, she is a Soros-backed DA.

LAWFARE: Trump’s co-defendant Harrison Floyd’s lawyer was illegally recorded by Big Fani Willis, but perhaps more troubling is the fact she shared the illegal recording with reporters in an effort to try her case in the court of public opinion. She should be disqualified.

Willis illegally recorded a phone call.

“She did reach out to us, one of my colleagues in Maryland, and was rude, abrupt with him on the phone, and he was dealing with the Maryland case and I was dealing with the Georgia case, and she ended up recording him,” Kachouroff said.

More corruption from Atlanta.  What a mess. 

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