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Effort to Recall Corrupt Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Is Gaining Steam

Efforts to recall the corrupt GOP Wisconsin Speaker from office are gaining steam. 

Local Wisconsin publication, Kenosha News says the petition to recall Vos is gaining steam.

Organizers of a recall effort targeting Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos are voicing confidence that they are gathering enough signatures to force a new election.

Midway through a 60-day timetable for their petition drive, recall leaders say they are finding support among Republicans and Democrats.

“The energy is good on both sides,” said organizer Matthew Snorek of the Town of Burlington.

The group has until March 10 to collect about 6,800 signatures on a petition recalling Vos, who they accuse of opposing election reform efforts sparked by Republican Donald Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Vos, who narrowly defeated a Trump-backed challenger for his legislative seat in a 2022 Republican primary, said the recall is being driven by a small group of voters who refuse to accept that Trump lost to Biden.

The people in Wisconsin are tired of Robin Vos backing the corrupt State Elections Director in place, the same woman who oversaw the stolen 2020 Election in Wisconsin.

Corrupt Wisconsin RINO Speaker Robin Vos Doing All He Can to Keep Corrupt Wisconsin Elections Director Meagan Wolfe in Place for 2024 Election 

Vos promised to get to the bottom of the stolen election in Wisconsin in 2020 and instead turned the other way.  Hundreds of thousands of ballots were illegally entered into the election through the illegal use of drop boxes and numerous other issues and yet the state certified the uncertifiable election for Joe Biden.  Biden took a 20,000 ballot lead on election night after overcoming a 120,000 vote deficit early in the morning after the election.

This was referred to as the F curve:

Vos is as toxic and corrupt as any politician in the US.  He must go. 

1 thought on “Effort to Recall Corrupt Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Is Gaining Steam”

  1. Vos’ behavior exposes him as a key part of the election crime network in Wisconsin. He has done everything he can to obstruct investigations.

    Can he rig a special election? Why hasn’t the party remove him as speaker?


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