Corrupt Wisconsin RINO Speaker Robin Vos Doing All He Can to Keep Corrupt Wisconsin Elections Director Meagan Wolfe in Place for 2024 Election | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Wisconsin RINO Speaker Robin Vos Doing All He Can to Keep Corrupt Wisconsin Elections Director Meagan Wolfe in Place for 2024 Election 

Robin Vos Meagan Wolfe

The gang led by corrupt Wisconsin RINO Speaker Robin Vos is doing all it can to keep the corrupt Wisconsin Elections Director Meagan Wolfe in place for 2024 Election. 

The following comes from the Substack page of Bill Savage.  You can follow his page here

Impeachment of Meagan Wolfe – AR-18

NOTE: You’ve seen things like A History in Pictures” and such. Let me introduce to you a history in press releases. Follow State Representative Janel Brandtjen’s quest to remove Meagan Wolfe via the impeachment process, and the extent of Robin Vos’s swamp dwellers to protect Wolfe at all costs….

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Robin Vos and his leadership team have been playing games with Meagan Wolfe for quite some time now. Recently, Tyler August has exposed the leadership’s lies for all to see. Tyler August claims that we have had policies in place for decades and it was Brandtjen that has violated them. Oh… really?  Let’s look at who is violating Assembly policy.

On October 31, 2023, Rep. Brandtjen felt compelled to issue a press release because Robin Vos was in violation of Assembly rules. Vos had 10 days to assign AR-18, the resolution to impeach Meagan Wolfe, a bill number so that she could ask for a vote on the floor. NOTE: Resolutions DO NOT need to be assigned to a committee, they DO NOT need a hearing, in fact only two of the 22 resolutions introduced this year have been assigned to a committee. Read her press release here.

Robin Vos has also been on the hot seat for telling the Republican Caucus that it would take 66 votes in the Assembly to impeach Wolfe when in fact the Assembly would need only 50 votes. After several members of the caucus began emailing their constituents with the false information, Vos and company had to quickly retract the statements. Vos also incorrectly told the caucus that the courts would not allow the impeachment process to go forward when in fact, impeachment is purely the prerogative of the legislature. The courts did say however that Wolfe could not be removed by using Ch. 15.61, which the Wisconsin Conservative Digest warned the courts would do last August. Read the Brandtjen press release here.

After all that, Robin Vos (and his leadership team of Tyler August and Kevin Petersen) then tried to claim that the resolution needed a hearing. That prompted Brandtjen to release another press release to clarify the process. Read the press release here.

Now after two attempts to have the resolution pulled down to the floor for a vote, something that Brandtjen HAS EVERY RIGHT TO DO, Vos, Petersen, and August claim that “there are procedures” in place. State Representative Scott Allen is 100% correct. EVERY legislator on that floor has earned the right to be heard.

Is a vote on the Meagan Wolfe impeachment THAT DIFFICULT??? What are we paying these people for? Allow the vote and if it fails it fails. The problem is Robin Vos, Tyler August, and Kevin Petersen combined do not have the fortitude or spine that the representative from the 22nd has. That’s plain as day.

Vos, August, and Petersen have effectively protected Megan Wolfe from facing what should surely be done. Her removal from her $167K plus taxpayer funded job. She may be there forever as Brandtjen points out. Read about it here.

Every American concerned about the swamp destroying our county should be demanding the immediate resignation of Vos, Petersen, and August.

Bill Savage

Wisconsin is being led by liars and cheats.  They have to get this fixed or the state will continue its slip into hell.


2 thoughts on “Corrupt Wisconsin RINO Speaker Robin Vos Doing All He Can to Keep Corrupt Wisconsin Elections Director Meagan Wolfe in Place for 2024 Election ”

  1. Thank you again Mr. Hoft. Wrote my State Reps, Representative Jeffrey Mursau Assembly District 36 and Senator Mary Felzkowski Senate District 12 about our Wolfe in sheep’s clothing and Rockin’ RINO Robin an email today. I had emailed them last Fall also about this issue. What a black eye for the great State of Wisconsin and our wonderful Republic, the United States of America!
    The Honorable Representative Janel Brandtjen is not in my district, but she received a supportive email from me today. She’s a real firecracker! We need more Reps like her and she’s on my prayer list, right near your name! Thanks’ and God Bless.

  2. This clown cheated on the last election to get himself re-elected. Found votes that put him over the top. That is a fact. Slimebag should resign


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