Party Elites versus the People’s Choice – Republicans Across the Country Unload on Ronna Romney McDaniel’s Election Interference in Michigan | Joe Hoft


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Party Elites versus the People’s Choice – Republicans Across the Country Unload on Ronna Romney McDaniel’s Election Interference in Michigan

Kristina Karamo L and Ronna Romney McDaniel 2

It’s another sad day for the GOP in Michigan.  The establishment is hell-bent on removing the Michigan Head of the GOP, Kristina Karamo, from office resorting to using Ronna Romney McDaniel and the National GOP to interfere in the state. 

Yesterday we learned that the National RNC under Ronna Romney McDaniel voted to remove Kristina Karamo as head of the Michigan GOP.

National Republican Party Votes Out Kristina Karamo as Head of Michigan GOP – But Is This Legit?

Many people don’t believe the action by Romney McDaniel is legitimate.

One source shared:

This is completely wrong…the RNC…can’t say who the chair is.”

A veteran of Republican politics in Arkansas shared:

Ridiculous and expected. The only way they win is not following their own rules, bullying and intimidation. Clearly, Ronna wanted to make sure this was “handled” before stepping down. Classic RNC.”

Another comment:

It will be up to MI members not to squish or flip and fall for their tactics. This is much easier said than done in the current climate within the party.

While it’s technically not allowed, they falsely created a situation in dispute – and will likely add lawsuits to the mix as well for not following their command.

The RNC will claim that only “recognized” members are members and will cite past instances of this occurring as precedent. I’ve heard this used too many times in the party over the years in past disputes. Oh we don’t recognize this person or that person, this one is the recognized one…our folks need to wake up. What they say doesn’t matter in our states. The issue is getting folks to “recognize” that and stick to it.

A prominent figure nationally shared:

This is the Elites vs the people.   Hoekstra is not the peoples’ choice. If it can happen in MI, it can and will happen elsewhere.

Karamo, the grassroots candidate has been under attack since the minute she won the election for the state GOP Head.

See the below interview with Kristina Karamo from last night.  There are many excellent comments but one that sticks out is at the 12:00 minute mark where Karamo shares that when she was elected GOP Head in Michigan, the old guard would not provide her and her team the party’s email list of thousands and thousands of donors.  This greatly inhibited Karamo from raising funds.  Immediately after this the party started sharing hit pieces on Karamo and her funding efforts.

The main beef against Karamo is that she hasn’t raised enough money and yet the party’s email list of donors was withheld from her.

In addition, along this point, how many state Republican Party groups have increased their receipts this year over 2020?  The party turned its back on President Trump and all Americans when the 2020 Election was stolen.   I know a number of people who will never give to the GOP again after 2020.

Having a GOP Head like Karamo who supports efforts behind election integrity is what the people want more now than ever.

See the interview below with Ann Vandersteel.

3 thoughts on “Party Elites versus the People’s Choice – Republicans Across the Country Unload on Ronna Romney McDaniel’s Election Interference in Michigan”

  1. The RINOs want their power back. Kristina uncovered corruption that Rona’s crew was involved in and they are in coverup mode. Their coverup proves they are involved with all the big name propagandists across the country, including the CIA run wikipedia.

    None of these outlets bothered to call Kristina or the thousands of supporting delegates that legitimately elected her. They want to destroy the precinct strategy and take power back from the people who they have used to enrich themselves for decades.

    This is about corruption verses the people’s voice and is one of the hallmarks in Trump’s goal to bring power back to the people. He’s been duped by the liars, the same people that have been fighting him all along. They don’t want to elect Trump, and they intend on suppressing the vote in MI and silencing the grassroots.

  2. Until the “we cant split the vote” fools stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result there will be no change and the Uniparty will win forever.

  3. It’s interesting that the Hoekstra news went viral across the entire mediascape like wildfire. This is because the Hoekstra crowd is used to using propaganda to change perception with lies. Nothing Kristina tried to get into the media was portrayed in the light of her message, so the Hoekstra crowd is using the same tactics as those who hate Trump.

    Let’s be honest, they want to fix the deep state problem by using the deep state. They want the money to enrich consultants and propaganda media.

    They do not want street people deciding things at the state or national level. That would interrupt their globalist plans. These are the globalists that support Chinese battery factories and controlled opposition in order to gain more wealth and power.

    The very act played out in the Hoekstra coup is why we have a grassroots party . These are the swamp people, they are supposedly the people Trump wants out of power.


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