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Six Beautiful, Smart and Courageous Women – Six Incredible Interviews

(Top Left clockwise: Guya Mariani, Sheila Matthews, Liz Harrington, Catherine Arnett, Pamela Geller, and Dean Michele Bachmann)

Six of the most beautiful, smart and courageous women in the world joined the Joe Hoft Show for six incredible interviews over the past six shows. 

Over the past week I was blessed to sit down and discuss topics of the day with six beautiful, sharp and courageous women.  These women discuss the reality of the world in a way that no others can. They are a unique mix with varied backgrounds and stories and perceptions of the world that few people see.

If you have the time, please listen in on these incredible interviews from the past week on The Joe Hoft Show on

Guya Mariani

On Friday, October 26, 2023, Italian entrepreneur Guya Mariani was on the show.  Ms. Mariani is a very successful entrepreneur from Milan Italy who also is big thinker and she sees what is going on around the world.

Mariani recently translated the three books in “The Steal” series into Italian for publican in Italy.  She however is not a translator, she is an artist.  She is 100% Italian and her mother was actually born in the Vatican City.  She’s noble and a countess.  Early on Guya’s artistic abilities were identified.

She follows American politics, “because we are just a consequence of these things”.

This led her to the saying, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.”

Life in not just a matter of accumulating cars or gold bars, that’s not the point about our life…You are here not only to heal all the past experiences that you inherited through your birth, but also to elevate yourself. 

She then said that watching an Italian show and seeing the translator not do the best translation, she knew she had to help.  She said, “You cannot have a guest like Joe Hoft and have a translation like that.”  This is when she began offering her help in translating for the station Visione TV.

She began translating for free and shared, “If you have faith, and you trust, how can you have fear…Faith in God is the ultimate faith.”  

She discussed WWII and shared if you wanted to survive, all the Germans had to join the Nazi party, all the Italians had to join fascism.  If you didn’t, you couldn’t live.  Similar to what we saw with COVID.

The difference between fascism and communism is that fascism concentrates the power between corporate and government but communism only government.  Communism doesn’t allow private property and doesn’t allow faith in anything.

…If you live in a communist country, you are dead…If you live in a fascist country you live in a very unjust place where you have no chance unless you become part of the fascist party. 

She finished her thoughts with this:

I hope in Trump.  I hope in Trump.  End of story.  We need a leader like Trump.

Guya Mariani started her discussion in the video below at the 20:24 mark.

Sheila Matthews

Sheila Matthews created AbleChild twenty-some years ago after the school system in her state encouraged her to put her son on some type of ADHD medicine.  She said no.

This led to a life’s mission of helping all children and parents found in similar situations.

Matthews didn’t stop.  Her work led to to investigate Bid Pharma’s actions with schools which led to a billion dollar industry.  Big Pharma relies on schools to push their drugs since these companies cannot push their drugs on children themselves.

As Matthews dug deeper she uncovered the sad reality that many of the mass murderers in the news today have been on psychiatric drugs or cocktails of drugs.  The latest mass murderer in Maine was on some type of drugs.

However, rather than focus on the drugs, or the doctors who prescribed the drugs, the media and the left focus on the guns and use these terrible events to push for the end to the 2nd amendment.

Sheila’s interview begins at the 19:43 minute mark below:

Liz Harrington

Liz Harrington is a familiar face to the millions of fans of President Trump.  She has a storied past in conservative media having held positions at various publications including a stint at the War Room with Steve Bannon.

Harrington is perfect when she gives interviews.  She never makes a mistake and never holds back.  She only shares the truth and is is not shy about sharing it.

Harrington joined the Joe Hoft Show on Tuesday, October 31st.

She started the discussion by sharing that President Trump is doing really, really good.  She continues to be amazed at his demeanor with all the attacks against him, something we have never seen in US history.  President Trump “handles it all with ease”.

He’s been under attack since day one and he stays in the fight for freedom because “he knows what’s at stake”.

Harrington knows that President Trump is the vessel for having real change.

Listen to this great interview starting at the 19:00 mark in the audio below.

Dean Michele Bachmann

Dean Michele Bachmann is the Dean of the school of Government at Regent University.  Before this she was a US Representative from the state of Minnesota for eight years.

“She has displayed exemplary vision, character, integrity, and skill throughout her career in government”, said Regent University when Dean Bachmann was named the Head of the School of Government.

Dean Bachmann is one of the greatest thinkers in the US today.

“There’s a lot that we have to do… We have to ensure there is change of the guard next year.”

Dean Bachmann stands behind Israel.  She points out that 31 Americans were slaughtered in cold blood on Oct 7 and yet we have never seen their faces.

Bachmann agrees that Mayorkas should be impeached and many of the judges as well.  She knows the new Speaker Mike Johnson and believes he is trying to clean up the mess in the House.

Dean Bachmann doesn’t think leadership knows the “urgency of the hour”.  Rep. McCarthy worked like we were in 1985.  This is why it was a blessing that McCarthy was removed.

Dean Bachmann then shared her thoughts on Israel and Hamas.  Giving money to Palestinians is not the answer.  These people vow to kill Jews.  The US would be paying for this.

He (Biden) wants to reward blood thirsty barbarians by giving them the distinguished title of statehood.  It’s absolute madness.

The US is in an existential point itself right now. “We’re governed by the worst people at the worst time.”

We could see wave after wave after wave of terror attacks here… We’re going to have to see if we’re going to survive… When nations die… one of the last stages is the invasion of barbarians… That’s clearly what’s happening now.

…It’s my estimation that we are not free.

Dean Bachmann then shocks you with her comments on Hamas and other terrorist organizations.  “This is the theater of the absurd.”

Dean Bachmann joined the Joe Hoft Show at the 15:30 mark in the link below.

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s life turned upside-down on 9-11. The beautiful New Yorker was rocked when the World Trade Centers came falling down. This Jewish woman was horrified to see the destruction that a few terrorists could make and impact the the entire world in a single day.

Pamela began studying the Koran. She wanted to know what Islam was all about.  What she learned was frightening.

When Geller began to speak out she was targeted and Islamist extremists nearly killed her more than once for doing so.

Geller says: “We’ve reached the tipping point…there is a gathering storm.”

The left-Islamic alliance is poisoned fruit.

Islamists believe, “first the Saturday people and then the Sunday people”.  This means that the Islamists believe that they kill all Jews first and then they come for Christians.

However, Geller points out that the Jews are the original Palestinians.  Yet today there is not a Jewish toenail in Gaza.  All the Jews left when Israel turned over Gaza to Hamas.

This is a 1,400-year-old war.  “This war against Jews is not about land, it’s about annihilating the Jewish state.”

The biggest threat today is to Freedom of Speech.

Listen to Pamela Geller’s entire interview below starting at the 15:44 minute mark.

Catherine Arnett

Ms. Arnett, in her 20’s was a young US marine stationed in Japan when COVID hit.

Like the rest of the military, she was mandated to wear masks but her life really changed when the military was forced to receive the vaccine.

Arnett refused to take the shot.  She didn’t believe the government had the right to make her take the shot.

It was during this time that Arnett began building and relying on her Catholic faith.  She went to masses and prayed and stood her ground.

Then young Arnett’s life changed.  She eventually was arrested and placed in a military jail in Japan.

After three months in jail in Japan she was shipped overseas to the US base in San Diego.  She spent another month there.  In all she spent nearly 4 months in jail for not taking the COVID shot.

She eventually was released from jail and from the military.  She was on her own in San Diego.  She still has personal belongings in Japan.

Listen to young Arnett’s full story and how she relied on her faith when this all was going on.

Arnett’s story begins at the 19:50 minute mark in the link below.

What an honor and privilege it was to talk to these beautiful, strong, smart and courageous American women. 

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