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Non-Law Enforcement Government Agencies like the EPA, IRS Spent Nearly $4 Billion Since 2006 in Guns and Ammunition

In a recent email from the group “Open the Books”, they revealed that their work led to an important amendment proposed in Congress this week. 

Senator Chuck Grassley reported earlier this year:

“As of September 14, 2023, the Biden administration EPA has already spent $2,892,770 on these items, which is 143 percent more than what was spent during the entire Trump administration,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, disclosed in an oversight letter sent last week to the agency and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The climate agency’s spending spree on guns, ammunition, and advanced tactical equipment is the subject of an oversight probe helmed by Grassley, who described the EPA’s militarization as “frightening.” The congressional investigation comes just months after a watchdog group found that non-law enforcement agencies in the federal government, such as the EPA and Internal Revenue Service, have spent nearly $4 billion in taxpayer funds since 2006 stockpiling all manner of guns, ammunition, and “military-style equipment.”

Open the Books writes:


  • This week, the U.S. House started voting on appropriations bills for federal agencies.

  • On Thursday, Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL) introduced an amendment to stop the EPA from using ANY funds to grow their already-huge cache of guns, bullets, and military-style equipment.

  • “To me, this sounds like we’re arming a SEAL team,” Palmer told colleagues. “The difference is a SEAL team can explain why they need these things; the EPA cannot!”

  • The amendment passed along with the EPA budget. This is an example of lawmakers using our research to make real-world changes.  

Rep. Palmer from Alabama offered the Amendment to the defund the EPA’s armed agents.

1 thought on “Non-Law Enforcement Government Agencies like the EPA, IRS Spent Nearly $4 Billion Since 2006 in Guns and Ammunition”

  1. We at the Action Radio Citizen Legislature have already drafted legislation to solve this, and many other crises, including restoring vaccine product liability and ending Big Tech censorship. This will would disarm the federal bureaucracy and nothing in the Constitution allows bureaucrats to be armed. Also, the only crimes delegated to the feds are Treason, which applies in times of declared war; Piracy, which is handled by the military, state and local law enforcement; lastly Counterfeiting, which goes to the Secret Service. This bill will explain the rest.

    Greg Penglis
    Creator and host of the Action Radio Citizen Legislature.


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