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YouTube and USAToday “Fact Checker” Rely on Obama Special Assistant to Claim Bidens Did Nothing Wrong in Ukraine

YouTube and USA Today use Obama’s Special Assistant as proof Biden did nothing illegal in Ukraine. 

What a crock.

This week we learned that the Bidens made $10 million in Ukraine for getting rid of the special prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s firm Burisma.

BREAKING: Senator Grassley Releases Report Showing Bidens Made $10 Million Getting Rid of Ukraine Prosecutor

Rudy Giuliana says the case against the Bidens is the strongest case he’s ever seen.

“The Strongest Case I’ve Ever Seen” – Rudy Giuliani on the Case Against the Bidens in Ukraine

Joe Biden is famous for bragging about what he did in the Ukraine in removing the special prosecutor from his role in investigating the Bidens and Burisma.

However, when you go to find this video on YouTube you find this caption.

USA Today’s “fact checker” says that Joe Biden didn’t withhold funds from Ukraine to protect his Hunter and his company Burisma.

The problem is USA Today uses corrupt Obama officials like Charlie Kupchan as support.

Charlie Kupchan, who was a special assistant to President Barack Obama and a senior director for European Affairs on the National Security Council, said anti-corruption efforts were “a big part of our diplomacy” with Ukraine, since “it was that corruption that allowed Russia to manipulate the country politically and economically.”

We don’t know what Kupchan’s work was with Obama but we do know that it involved Ukraine where corruption was king.

Kupchan is best friends with Hillary good Sid [Vicious] Blumenthal.

Kupchan also was Eric Ciaramella’s boss.  Ciaramella was reportedly Adam Schiff’s so-called whistleblower on Ukraine.

USA Today used corrupt Obama/Biden officials to tell us that Joe and Hunter Biden committed no crimes in Ukraine.

What BS.  Shame of YouTube and USA Today.  They come across as liars. 

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