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“The Strongest Case I’ve Ever Seen” – Rudy Giuliani on the Case Against the Bidens in Ukraine

Joe and Hunter Biden’s crimes in Ukraine are “the strongest case I’ve ever seen” says Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani shares:

This is probably the most verified, informative information I’ve ever seen.  It’s been verified by about three years of disclosures, including actual testimony that people have seen or can see that’s been tape recorded…Biden confessed to it when he was in front of the Atlantic Council.

Here is Joe Biden confessing he committed a crime using US money in Ukraine as leverage to fire a prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s crimes in the country with oil and gas giant Burisma.

In addition, Rudy shares that:

The harddrive includes at least 5 texts that you would use in a trial, the best one being that Hunter text his daughter straight out that he had to give half his income over the past 30 years to pop [Joe Biden]…I’ve never had better evidence than that.

This is like Alice in Wonderland….Without exageration, Steve, this would be the strongest case I’ve ever seen!”

This week evidence was released that showed the Bidens made $10 million in this criminal activity.

BREAKING: Senator Grassley Releases Report Showing Bidens Made $10 Million Getting Rid of Ukraine Prosecutor

See the interview below.

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  1. None of this crap could have happened without the knowledge of Obama himself and Hillary and the other top ten dogs in line


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