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FBI Hid Evidence Corroborating Bidens Took $10 Million from Ukraine

The FBI has information that confirms evidence that the Biden’s took $10 million from Ukraine to remove the prosecutor investigating Burisma, the firm that hired Hunter to their Board. 

Last week, after FBI whistleblowers shared evidence that the Bidens made $17 million in Ukraine, Senator Grassley shared evidence that the Bidens made $10 million for removing an investigator investigating Burisma, the firm that hired Hunter to its Board.

Rudy Giuliani said yesterday that this is the strongest case he has ever seen.

“The Strongest Case I’ve Ever Seen” – Rudy Giuliani on the Case Against the Bidens in Ukraine

Rudy Giuliani shares:

This is probably the most verified, informative information I’ve ever seen.  It’s been verified by about three years of disclosures, including actual testimony that people have seen or can see that’s been tape recorded…Biden confessed to it when he was in front of the Atlantic Council.

Here is Joe Biden confessing he committed a crime using US money in Ukraine as leverage to fire a prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s crimes in the country with oil and gas giant Burisma.

In addition, Rudy shares that:

The harddrive includes at least 5 texts that you would use in a trial, the best one being that Hunter text his daughter straight out that he had to give half his income over the past 30 years to pop [Joe Biden]…I’ve never had better evidence than that.

This is like Alice in Wonderland….Without exageration, Steve, this would be the strongest case I’ve ever seen!”

The DailyMail reports that the FBI has information that corroborates the $10 million to the Bidens.

The FBI corroborated parts of a trusted informant’s story that a Ukrainian oligarch bribed Joe Biden and his son Hunter with $10 million, a source close to the investigation has revealed to DailyMail.com.

On Thursday Congress published an FBI agent’s write-up of a 2020 interview with a secret long-time informant, who claimed Mykola Zlochevsky, owner of the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, told them of his scheme to bribe the President and First Son.

The bombshell information was first unearthed by the Pittsburgh FBI office, which was tasked in 2020 with investigating potential Biden family corruption.

It appears clear that former AG Bill Barr allowed the many crimes committed by the Bidens to be swept under the rug. 

13 thoughts on “FBI Hid Evidence Corroborating Bidens Took $10 Million from Ukraine”

  1. Of course they hid evidence of Biden crime family doings. Who do you think our government works for? US? Are you nuts? I’m surprised they bothered to show us what they did. Our government’s contempt for the People is palpable. They can’t stand us and want us dead.

  2. Chicomm Joe the grifter should be charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to hang for his lifetime of crimes. He and the entire Biden crime family are all enemies of the Republic.

  3. Yep. The strongest case with more proof that anyone has ever seen. Yet, nothing, ziltch, nada from the totally corrupt FBlie and even more corrupt DOJ crooks. However, there is a wild totally unsubstantiated rumor out there that Donald Trump may have pinched a girl during recess when they were in third grade. Charges will be filed against Trump first thing Monday. The main stream media is outraged. No, not at the Bribem’s, at Trump.

  4. Nothing will happen, no one cares, its a zero report. Please ONLY post stories where Demoncrats get arrested and prosecuted.

  5. Wow.
    In addition to the Crime Family, any and all in the FBI who participated in this crime should do some serious crime behind bars.

  6. And to think the leftists here, in Congress and the media impeached Trump for merely asking the Ukraine leader to investigate the crimes. Iow, they believed it was an impeachable crime to investigate a real crime.

    It clearly is the stuff that makes a former 1st World Nation a current 3rd World Nation.

  7. Criminal referrals. The FBI decapitated it’s self, like a chicken the body is still running around the barn yard. There has never been a large enough rug made to sweep all this rot under! You can’t hide the stench and the longer they try the larger the crowd will become. This can’t be forgiven and it certainly will NOT be excused!


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