WHAT A DISGRACE: The WNBA, the Coach, and the Refs Are Cooking the Golden Goose – Caitlin Clark | Joe Hoft


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WHAT A DISGRACE: The WNBA, the Coach, and the Refs Are Cooking the Golden Goose – Caitlin Clark

The WNBA is cooking the golden goose but you can’t say they weren’t warned. 

The league was blessed when the best women’s basketball player ever ended her career at Iowa breaking virtually every scoring and assist records in NCAA women’s basketball history.   Her name is Caitlin Clark.  She brought viewers to women’s basketball that never followed the game before.  She was fantastic and fun to watch.  She was breath of clean air in a terrible time for our country.

The great Jason Whitlock loves Caitlin Clark because she is so good.

Whitlock also warned about the attacks Clark would get for being white, Christian and straight. He says, “She’s going to walk into an extremely hostile environment.”

Whitlock was right.

The WNBA keeps claiming that the reason for the increase in viewership this year is because of the players in the league.  No one watched a WNBA game for years before Caitlin Clark stepped on the court.

Clarke played in the four most watched games in women NCAA basketball history.  The women’s championship was watched by more viewers than the men’s game.

She is doing the same in the WNBA.  Tuesday’s opener for the Indianapolis Fever was the most watched WNBA game in ESPN history and it was aired on ESPN2.

But unfortunately the WNBA doesn’t realize what is going on.

Many Americans don’t agree with the destruction that BLM riots created across the country in 2020.  They don’t want to see politics in sports.  Yet, in the first game that Caitlin Clark played in the WNBA, a pre-season game, the halftime entertainment was a discussion between two WNBA players on racism.  Americans don’t want that.

After joining the league, Clark pushed for charter flights for the players who had been traveling commercial.  She did this for the league but the girls didn’t seem to care.  Perhaps Whitlock was right?

On the first charter flight for the WNBA, Caitlin Clark noticeably sat by herself on the plane.  The girls on her team and across the league were blessed with charter flights thanks to Clark.  In the video below, Clark’s teammate calls the team “gang members”.

The team went on to lose the first game.  Clark scored 20 points but was forced to sit on the bench because of being called for four fouls that didn’t look like fouls at all.  Clark, who never got in foul trouble this entire season in the NCAA, received four fouls that night.

Last night, the refs called Clark for five fouls and she fouled out with only nine points.  Most followers have never seen Clark score so few.  The calls by the refs were again very questionable while the fouls against Clark appeared to be ignored.  Could the refs be jealous and biased as well as the players?

This could be the case, but the person who is really targeted is the coach.  Why is she not allowing Clark to play the position that she played in college?  Why does Clark not see the ball?

Clark’s fellow players are also to blame.  The center Boston, who won Rookie of the Year last year looks horrible.  She is slow and out of shape and is getting her shots blocked left and right from two feet away from the basket.

Social media is blowing up over the Indian Fever’s loss last night to New York.  Americans see that the WNBA is totally blowing it.

“Wow, they’re not letting her touch the ball…this is nuts!”

The golden goose is getting cooked.  The good Iowa girl who helped bring in charter flight to the entire league is being attacked from all directions.  She was projected to be bringing $100 million to the league this year, yet her coach isn’t giving her the ball, her team and players around the league are jealous of her and resent her, the refs are calling horrible fouls against her, and the WNBA pushes racist discussions at half time.

It’s doubtful those who follow Caitlin Clark will put up with much more of this. The Golden Goose is getting cooked.

5 thoughts on “WHAT A DISGRACE: The WNBA, the Coach, and the Refs Are Cooking the Golden Goose – Caitlin Clark”

  1. Catlin Clark is going on my prayer list. On racism: there is only one race, the human race, with different shades of pigment. On sexuality: for the lesbians, transphobic, LGBTQ and whatever letters of the alphabet you use, knock it off. I’m sick of dancing around this BS. Retired now, I could not bring up and talk about this crap and you bring it to the workplace and public media as if it were a badge of courage or whatever. I never paraded around spouting ‘I’m a heterosexual and this is what I do behind closed doors’. Shame on you. Jesus Christ still loves you but will wait only so long for you to believe in Him. The stronger I get in Christ the more vocal I’ve become and it’s helped me be a better witness for Him. Hang in there Catlin it’s probably going to get worse. Grace & Peace

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  2. Shes the wrong race, color, sexuality and gender (she claims to be a woman). She has no chance in a league dominated by spearchucking muff munchers.

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  4. I predict eventually it will turn out all right (no thanks to the organization) I think everyone will begin to respect someone who just sucks it up and doesn’t make everything a big deal. She just wants to play, and I can only hope that the org, the team, and the refs let her.
    Only thing I’m worried about is that this would be how a men’s team would be IMO. Woman have a different dynamic, and I understand there’s the “mean girls” thing. Life sometimes turns out to be just like high school on a bigger scale. I’m praying for her


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