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EXCLUSIVE: HUGE HAMMERHEAD Caught Off of Southern Florida Coast

Young fishermen reeled in a huge hammerhead shark off of the Southern Florida Coast near St. Lucie County today.  

The young fishermen laid out some big chunks of fish about a quarter mile off of the coast and then waited for the sharks to hit.

One huge hammerhead did take the bait and it took nearly an hour to reel it in.

Here is the first glimpse of the hammerhead from shore.

Once the huge fish reached near the shore, the fishermen raced into the ocean to get a pic and set it free.

Two young men ran into the ocean to free the fish first.

Their friends joined in and together they grabbed the giant fish by the tail (at least 12 feet long), took a pic, released its hook, and then set the giant hammerhead free. (Note that one guy departs during the event to run over to another pole which another giant fish had hit.)

People swim in these waters (and so do sharks). 

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