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Victor Davis Hanson Points Out How the Left is Again Projecting Their Crimes on Us

Victor Davis Hanson

General Flynn points out another brilliant missive from Victor Davis Hanson.

Victor Davis Hanson shares:

Don’t Do Unto Others What We Would Have Done to Them?

Once more, it gets even creepier how the projectionist Left is daily still shrieking about impending Trump “revenge” and “rage”, or about Trump’s purported enemies lists to come, or about his planned weaponization of the bureaucracies. The fear is in direct proportion to Biden cognitive decline, sinking polls, and walls-are-closing-in family corruption.

Should we laugh or cry about the transparent hypocrisy?

After all, who tried to wreck an administration with a 22-month-long Russian “collusion” fraud, suppressed a laptop with the lie it was Russian “disinformation”, or impeached a president for a phone call correctly identifying the Biden family’s operation in Ukraine as utterly corrupt and at the expense of U.S. interests?

Do we recall that the Obama-Biden nexus—from 2009-17, and from 2021 until now—cemented the reputation of FBI as a partisan operation, rebooted the Pentagon as an agent of woke change ferreting out “white rage” and “white privilege”, reinvented the DOJ as a Biden family protection service, politicized the CIA so that it, along with the FBI, interfered in the 2016 and 2020 elections, and warped the IRS by suppressing evidence of Biden family tax fraud?

What Lois Lerner, Eric Holder (self-identified as Obama’s “wingman”), and Loretta Lynch left undone was taken up by Merrick Garland.

Does the New York Times, or Joe Scarborough or any of these strange pundits raging about Trump rage to come remember how the “Logan Act” farce was used to destroy Michael Flynn?

Or the Foreign Policy essay of Rosa Brooks, a former Obama-era Pentagon lawyer, about how to drive out Trump without waiting for the 2020 election, by either impeachment, the 25thAmendment—or a military coup?

How about the “kill Trump” porn that saw celebrities, actors, and academics envisioning decapitating, stabbing, shooting, exploding, or incinerating the orange man?

How about Anonymous’s confessions about how fellow bureaucrats were trying to undermine and sabotage the operations of the Trump administration from within? Or the Pentagon’s retired 4-stars calling for Trump to be removed the “sooner the better”, or labeling him a Mussolini or Nazi-like figure?

Who paid Twitter millions to censor the news of political opponents? Who paid foreign national Christopher Steele to peddle a fake dossier to destroy the 2016 Republican candidate? Do we remember Biden’s Phantom-of-the-Opera harangue about his “ultra-MAGA” and “semi-fascists” political enemies?

Were not the twin pillars of Biden’s current foreign policy team, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, once respectively knee-deep in the anti-Trump Alfa Bank-ping hoax and the “51 Intelligence Authorities” laptop scam?

Again, the reason the media and politicians are terrified is that they are convinced Trump would do exactly what they would do in his place—and what they would do utterly suddenly horrifies them.

Here is General Flynn’s response to Hanson’s remarks.

Well said professor.  The only things left out however, are the most egregious.  They stole a 2020 Election and pushed a deadly vax on American soldiers and citizens.  What monsters from hell are they?

1 thought on “Victor Davis Hanson Points Out How the Left is Again Projecting Their Crimes on Us”

  1. What a useless RINO sophist VDH is. He tells us things we knew years ago, while pretending to be some genius pointing out revelations.

    The omissions of this classics professor turned high paid RINO think tank prose writer are gargantuan. He is not credible, he is unwilling, or unable, to explain situations with acceptable accuracy.

    For example here, it was was precious establishment republicans, the RINOs, the ones who despise Trump and collude with the left, which allowed the massive abuses by the IRS.

    Sessions, and Sessions alone, cleared Lerner, though he had rock solid criminal referrals on his desk. What did Sessions, Barr, Mitch, Burr, Ryan, Gowdy, Grassley, Graham do about the DOJ crimes? Well, what Sessions did is, he put the crooks in charge. What Mitch and Burr did is, they investigated Trump. What Ryan, Grassley, Graham, and Gowdy did is, they blocked investigations, release of evidence, contempt and impeachment votes.

    VDH is an idiot, a phony, who should be reading classics prose on some obscure cable channel, not posing as some protector of freedom in America.


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