Totally Corrupted Obama Judge Chutkan and DOJ Goon Jack Smith Expected to Censor President Trump’s Free Speech Monday | Joe Hoft


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Totally Corrupted Obama Judge Chutkan and DOJ Goon Jack Smith Expected to Censor President Trump’s Free Speech Monday

Corrupt Jack Smith is expected to be asking corrupt Obama Judge Chutkan to censor President Trump’s free speech tomorrow. 

Total crooks are running the US Department of Justice and the courts in America.

In DC, President Trump is being criminally targeted by Biden/Obama’s corrupt DOJ.  They moved a case against President Trump to an Obama judge who said terrible things about President Trump.  But she won’t recuse herself for doing so because she is so corrupt.   In any profession she would be recused and not permitted to do anything when it comes to President Trump but not in a DC courtroom.  Judge Chutkin is a monster.

Jack Smith and Biden’s entire DOJ are now led by goons.  They are beyond corrupt.   They pushed a four-year coup while Trump was President.  They knew the Russia story was a lie.  They then allowed the 2020 Election to be stolen. Now this.

Tomorrow the DOJ and Chutkan are expected to take away President Trump’s right to free speech.

These people are outright banana republic criminals.

The Daily Caller reports:

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office’s requested gag order against former President Donald Trump is not quite as “narrowly tailored” as he claimed, legal experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan on Sept. 15 to issue a “narrowly tailored” gag order barring Trump from making public statements that are “disparaging and inflammatory, or intimidating” toward any “party, witness, attorney, court personnel, or potential jurors,” as well as any statements “regarding the identity, testimony, or credibility of prospective witnesses.” The scope and circumstances surrounding the request — which a hearing scheduled for Monday will consider — are far outside what is normal in criminal trials, experts told the DCNF.

Zach Smith, Heritage Foundation legal fellow and former assistant U.S. attorney, told the DCNF that gag orders are “generally heavily disfavored under First Amendment law” and that the typical reasons for issuing one are likely not “right in this case.”

Securing a gag order requires showing clear and present danger, an imminent threat or some other compelling government interest, as well as demonstrating there was no less restrictive means of achieving the goal and that the order is narrowly tailored, Smith explained.

Since Trump is a presidential candidate, Smith said the gag order could create “a very odd situation of witnesses who maybe have proven themselves political players, being able to comment on Donald Trump, being able to attack and him not being able to respond, which would be very problematic.”

These people should work in Venezuela or some other banana republic.  They have no business in these roles in the US.  They are the criminals. 

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