UNBELIEVABLY DISGUSTING: Reuters “Factchecker” Suggests Israelis Were Unharmed at Music Festival | Joe Hoft


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UNBELIEVABLY DISGUSTING: Reuters “Factchecker” Suggests Israelis Were Unharmed at Music Festival

(Above – Noa Argamani was kidnapped by terrorists with Hamas who raided and killed hundreds at music fest in Israel.)

Reuters “factcheckers” indicated that Israelis were unharmed who attended a recent music fest in Israel. 

Hundreds of Israelis who attended a music fest in southern Israel were killed or kidnapped when murderous terrorists from Hamas crossed the Southern border of Israel into Israel on a Saturday morning 10 days ago.

A music festival was going on at the time of the attack.  Hundreds were either killed or kidnapped.

Woman Kidnapped in Israel Caught on Video in Captivity – God Protect Her

As of last week, the death toll from that concert alone was nearly 300.

TGP has reported on numerous acts by the evil Hamas terrorists during their attack.  They bragged about their invasion and kidnapping of innocent Israelis.

Hamas Brags and Posts Photo of the Paragliders They Used to Breach Israeli Border and Murder and Kidnap Innocent Kids at Rave Party

Based on its reporting, Reuters apparently wants to downplay the hundreds of murders and kidnapping at this event.

A Reuters fact check of an online video suggests Israeli concertgoers were unharmed by Hamas’s terrorist attack—and is prompting Hamas sympathizers to argue that the attack didn’t happen at all.

Reuters fact checks an online video taken from an Israeli concert—but not the music festival Hamas infiltrated last weekend—and goes on to debunk the claim that Israelis were “running for their lives.”  They weren’t—at the Oct. 4 concert depicted in the video—but Reuters makes no mention of the fact that hundreds of Israelis were actually slaughtered at a concert three days later.

The social media giant Meta employs Reuters as a fact-checking partner in six countries, including the United States and Israel. Inside Meta, Israeli employees have voiced alarm that one of the company’s major partners is whitewashing terror and itself spreading confusion about the facts on the ground.

“We saw today a massive campaign on our platform denying what has happened in Israel this week and saying Israel faked it,” one Israeli employee wrote in an internal email reviewed by the Free Beacon, arguing that the tendentious fact checks are “putting not only our reputation globally and in Israel at major risk but it also puts our employees at risk as they are being blamed for this and harassed by people online and on the street.”

The Reuters fact check examines an Oct. 7 tweet that purports to show Israelis “running for their lives” after Hamas terrorists infiltrated a music festival in southern Israel, but actually shows concertgoers running through the entrance of an Oct. 4 concert in Tel Aviv. But the Reuters video does not include footage from the actual Supernova Music Festival in southern Israel, where hundreds of Israelis were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists, who kidnapped some festival attendees and raped others, according to eyewitnesses. In fact, it only vaguely mentions the “desert attack.”

Never ever trust anyone of any entity that claims to be a “factchecker”.  They often lie. 

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