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GOP RINO Turner Suggests Working with Dems for Speaker Pick

The RINOs in the GOP are not on the side of Americans.  They and the Democrats hate America.

The US is being destroyed intentionally.  The Biden Administration has one purpose – to destroy America.  They hate Americans.

The problem is there is no pushback.

Americans are losing their jobs to businesses overseas.  US oil production is stopped so Americans have to pay higher prices for gas at the pump to help the Russians and the Middle East and Venezuela.

The government is spending more than $2 trillion than it has annually and no one knows where it is going.

The government spends millions on censoring truth tellers.  Big Tech works with the fascists running this government.

The 2020 Election was stolen and it looks like all future elections will be stolen as well without major changes.

Children are being trafficked into the US and the politicians are allowing millions of military aged men who may be Islamists, cartel members and Chinese into this country unvetted.

And RINOs don’t want Jim Jordan as speaker so they are planning to work with Democrats in making a pick.  The same people destroying this country are willing to do anything to keep the destruction going.

Today RINO Rep. Mike Turner says GOP members are willing to work with Dems to pick a Speaker rather than give it to Jim Jordan, President Trump’s and America’s pick.

As House Republicans enter another week without a speaker, GOP Rep. Mike Turner, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, tells “Face the Nation” if enough Republicans won’t unite behind Rep. Jim Jordan or another GOP member, “obviously there will be a deal” that will “have to be done” with Democrats.

See Turners BS below on Face the Nation today:

This Turner is so full of BS.  He’s not for America.  What a piece of work.

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