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Texas AG Ken Paxton Shares the Truth About Election Fraud


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was behind the Texas lawsuit against swing states that certified corrupted results after the 2020 Election.  He knew the 2020 Election was stolen.

This past week Paxton shared his story of the 2020 Election in Texas and how he stopped the corrupt liberals from stealing the election from President Trump there as well.

Texas AG Ken Paxton sued the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin after the 2020 election for certifying corrupt and uncertifiable results in those states after the election.

More than 20 states joined Paxton’s case.  But the Supreme Court threw the case out claiming Texas didn’t have standing in the case.  The Presidency and Congress were taken over by the corrupt actors in those states but there was no one there to stop it.

Paxton was a hero for challenging the corrupt results in those states.

This past week he spoke in front of the Heritage Foundation on their 50th Anniversary.  Surprisingly they allowed Paxton to talk about election corruption and integrity.  Many GOP elites won’t allow the subject to be discussed.

Paxton shared how the Democrats targeted 13 cities in Texas before the 2020 Election.  These were Democrat-led cities and they wanted to mail out all the ballots in the upcoming election.  This went against Texas law but that didn’t stop them.

Paxton called President Trump and warned him that this was going to happen elsewhere.  The AG stopped these corrupt animals from getting their mail-out ballot scheme in place in Texas.

Below is Paxton’s courageous speech about his actions in protecting his state from corrupt election actors before the 2020 Election.

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