Rand Paul Confronts Samantha Powers on USAID Funding Coronavirus Research in Wuhan, China

At this week’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) questioned USAID Administrator Samantha Power on why she won’t provide documents requested related to her entity’s functions.

It’s long been believed that USAID is behind numerous corrupt actions around the world using US taxpayer money.

So I’ve been asking for months and months for records.  In September of last year I wrote Ms. Powers of the USAID a request asking for records of the Predict Program.  These are not classified.  These are simply records of scientific research and we want to read the grants to figure out what they were doing and whether the research was dangerous or not.

The response I got from your agency [USAID] was USAID would not be providing any documents at this time.  They’re just unwilling to give documents on scientific grant proposals.  We’re paying for it.  They’re asking for $745 million more in money and we get no response.

…20 million people died around the world, you’re supposed to be the agency that cares about the people around the world.  You talk about starvation and famines and 20 million people died from a virus around the world…should we be funding the academy of military research in China?

Watch Senator Paul below:

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