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Soros Foundation Buying Local Papers and Radio Stations to Push BS Democrat Lies

George Soros appears to have an agenda to destroy the US and he’s doing his best to see it through. 

George Soros, the Democrat backer who helped the Nazis steal from Jews and send them off to concentration camps and to their deaths in WWII, has been actively working to destroy the US for decades.   His latest effort is to purchase local radio stations to no doubt push anti-Trump and anti-American filth and lies from the left.

George Soros famously said that he didn’t believe in God and he had no problem sending Jews to their deaths in WWII.  He shared in a 60 Minutes segment twenty years ago that if he didn’t do it, someone else would.  That segment was filmed in Ukraine.

This week it was reported that Soros, whose one of the biggest donors to the Democrat Party, is buying newspapers in Maine.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and left-wing Swiss Billionaire Hansjörg Wyss are quietly backing a non-profit that acquired nearly two dozen local papers in Maine in July, according to Semafor.

The National Trust for Local News acknowledges that it received funding from Soros’ organization, but denies that the Open Society Foundations provided funding specifically for the purchase of the local papers. A source with direct knowledge of the acquisition, however, told Semafor that Soros and Wyss did donate funds so the National Trust could acquire the papers; the donations had not been previously reported.

Wyss is also a supporter of States Newsroom, a left-wing network of local news outlets that began as a project of the left-wing Hopewell Fund. States Newsroom is currently expanding operations in Maine.

Last year, a group backed by Soros bought up a number of Latino radio stations.

A group of high-profile Hispanic investors bought up 18 radio stations across 10 cities in a $60 million deal bankrolled by an investment firm tied to billionaire liberal activist George Soros.

The group was founded by former Obama administration staffer Stephanie Valencia and campaign veteran Jess Morales Rocketto, who worked for both former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“We believe in the power and reach of radio and it remains a main source of media for a significant number of our community,” Ms. Rocketto told NBC News. “We hope to create relevant content for radio and other audio platforms with content that our community can trust and rely on.”

Think about it, this guy who identified Jews to send to their deaths in WWII, is one of the Democrat Party’s top donors. 

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  1. Mail in ballots favor cheating for the Dems. It was terrible in 2020-22. The DOJ and FBI corrupted by Obuma, Soros and his organizations should be banned like many countries have done. The interfere in our elections.


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