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INSANITY: Biden Treasury Secretary Yellen Says There are “No Signs Economy at Risk of a Downturn”



The Biden gang believes the economy is fine.  

Janet Yellen shared yesterday that the Biden economy was essentially in great shape.  What planet is she on?

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday said she saw no signs the U.S. economy is entering a downturn but warned that failure by Congress to pass legislation to keep the government running risked slowing momentum in the economy.

“I don’t see any signs that the economy is at risk of a downturn,” Yellen told CNBC, noting that the U.S. labor market also remained strong and inflation was coming down.

“There’s absolutely no reason for a shutdown,” she said. “Creating … a situation that could cause a loss of momentum is something we don’t need as a risk at this point.”

Yellen said it was premature to gauge the impact of a strike by the United Auto Workers against the Detroit Three U.S. automakers, one of the most ambitious U.S. industrial labor actions in decades, noting that would depend on how long it lasts and who was affected.

These statements by Yellen indicate that she is not aware of the challenges Americans are having since the Biden regime took over.

Some believe that we are in a silent depression.  Yellen’s comments prove this point.

Now this:

America is in a Silent Depression.

Dr. Peter Navaro sees the Biden government destroy the economy for the American worker.  Illegals coming into the economy are destroying the low-income worker.

1 thought on “INSANITY: Biden Treasury Secretary Yellen Says There are “No Signs Economy at Risk of a Downturn””

  1. Yellen is an establishment mouthpiece and a dullard.

    Remember 3 years ago when she said inflation was not a problem, then she said it was temporary.


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