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President Trump’s Picture Is Iconic – The Opposite of What the Dumb Left Hoped For

It’s now officially the greatest mug shot in US history. 

The left and Deep State fail again.  While the left celebrated arresting President Trump for a fourth time, Americans awoke to the abuse and corruption in the Biden-Obama Administration.

Trump’s photo is now history alongside other Americans wrongly accused of crimes.

President Trump Joins the List of Other Great Americans Booked on BS Charges

Newt Gingrich shared on Mark Levin’s show that Americans are now flocking towards President Trump.

“I think that Trump is not a candidate; Trump is the leader of a movement,” Gingrich said. “He is the personification of an establishment that is totally corrupt, destroying anything that gets in its way.”

Gingrich went on to say that Trump’s support has gone up “dramatically” among black men.

“The reason is simple; They feel that the police have harassed them,” he continued. “They’re now watching the government harass Trump. They actually identify with what he’s going through.”

Gingrich said that regardless of what they think of Trump’s personality, voters will have two choices.

“Here are my choices; I’m going to side with a totally corrupt administration, or I’m going to side with a guy who has the guts to stand there and take the beating and keep coming,” he said. “I mean, you know, Trump could easily have retired, and if he’d retired, none of these charges would ever have occurred. And instead, he said, you know, the country’s worth going through this. And I think that’s given him support in places that normally wouldn’t have supported [him.”

Gingrich predicted that Trump would win the Republican nomination, and has “a very high likelihood of winning the general election.”

Darren Beattie discussed President Trump’s iconic mug shot on the War Room. He nailed it in pointing out how President Trump always wins.

President Trump is now legend.

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