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“Deputizing Election Workers” – Proposed Approach to Ensure Free and Fair Elections

In addition to current efforts to ensure the 2024 Election is free and fair, another effort involving local sheriffs is in the works. 

We’ve heard about the effort by Scott Presler and others to increase the voter rolls for the GOP.  These same people want Americans to voter early, Obtaining new voters is a worthwhile activity.

We also heard Mike Lindell share his idea for ensuring election integrity.  Lindell suggests using hardware to identify wifi connections in precincts that should not be there.

Day 2 of Lindell Summit – A Solution Is Provided

Another effort is from former Nevada State Senator Jim Marchant (who is running for the US Senate in 2024) and is working with others to secure our elections in a unique manner not promoted until recently.

Marchant is working with County Sheriffs to officially Deputize Election workers to have the authority of the Sheriff when serving in an election monitoring mode.

In past elections, the function of the Poll Watcher, Ballot Counting Observer etc. were practically useless because of the limitations placed on them (confined to a predetermined observation area defined by tape on the floor where your chair resides).  Also, election workers haven’t been allowed to speak with others working the election.

These limitations will evaporate when these Election workers are given the authority granted via deputizing by their Sheriff.  Now the observers will have the authority to intercede wherever they deem important.

Election workers would be free to question anything appearing suspicious, such as thumb drive activity, delivery of ballots at 3am etc. etc., and this will give them the authority to remain in the room where in the past they may have been kicked out.

Constitutional Sheriffs in states across the nation can now help to ensure free and fair elections.  A rollout strategy/standardized procedures for making this a reality is being worked on now.

Any effort to help secure our elections is a good effort.  A comprehensive effort will be announced soon. 

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