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Corrupt Georgia Governor Kemp Will Replace State Election Board Chair Who Resigned

The Georgia Election Board Chair who was responsible for ensuring a fraudulent result was certified in the state in the 2020 Election has resigned.  This corrupt actor will no doubt be replaced by another corrupt actor because corrupt Georgia Governor Kemp will choose the replacement. 

Another corrupt individual in the state of Georgia has been outed.  This individual is added to a list of corrupt actors who ensured the 2020 Election in Georgia was stolen for Joe Biden.

Two days ago the Georgia Record reported that the Georgia State Election Board Chair was resigning.

The Georgia Record has learned from informed sources that William Duffey, the Chair of the GA State Election Board, has resigned.

The Georgia Record reported this month that Duffey was behind stonewalling investigations into election fraud in GA.

Governor Kemp gave the corrupt Chair compliments for his work overseeing the stolen election in Georgia in 2020.

The Georgia Record reported on the absense of a desire to get to the truth behind the stolen 2020 Election in Georgia as follows:

At the Georgia State Election Board (“SEB”) meeting on August 1, charges detailed lack of chain of custody for 63,000 improper ballots in the 2020 election. Nothing was done. Remember, Donald Trump supposedly lost the state by just under 12,000 votes. More than five times the election margin for the whole state called into question in just one county, and a big ho-hum from the SEB.

The same negligence is evidenced by the SEB reaction to complaints from technicians who have demonstrated known vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Machines. Even the obvious lists of more than 1,700 voters who voted twice in the 2020 election – mostly Democrat voters – has not been investigated, even though the list is easily found on the voter history files. This information has been known since 2020.

Now Governor Kemp will be allowed to replace one corrupt Election Board Chair with another. 

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” – The Who in song “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

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