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NO NEWT – The GOP Needs to Clean Out RINOs from Its Ranks Now

The GOP needs to clean out all RINOs from its ranks – Now

I recently attended the Mike Lindell event in Springfield, Missouri in August.  It was great catching up with the people there who really wanted to fix this broken country.  I spoke with people from all over the US.

The one consistent message that I heard was that there were individuals all over the country who run as Republicans but they are lying.  When they win an election after saying all the right things, they immediately begin to work destroying conservative policies and consistently vote with the Democrats.

I heard the same when talking with people a week later at Clay Clark’s Reawaken event in Las Vegas.  RINO Democrats had infiltrated the GOP.

We saw good man and Texas AG Ken Paxton get impeached by a large group of Texas RINOs and Democrats.  Paxton talked about this group with Tucker.

“It Wasn’t Just a Water Leak” – Texas AG Ken Paxton and Tucker on Georgia’s Stolen 2020 Election

We saw how corrupt actors like Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger took money from billionaires to use against the people of his state in the 2020 Election.   He then certified the corrupt and uncertifiable election results for Joe Biden, stealing the election from the people in his state and President Trump.

Georgia’s Raffensperger Did It Too – Accepted $5 Million of ‘Zuckerbucks’ Says It Was Used for “Issuing Public Service Announcements”

This is happening everywhere in the GOP.  Looks at the US Senate!  These people don’t care about Americans.  They are a disgrace.

Yesterday we saw RINO Kevin McCarthy get ousted in the House.  He promised many things and never delivered.  He aligned with the Democrats and pushed through massive budgets that will bankrupt America.  These budgets include money for a corrupt and criminally led DOJ and a tyrannical government.

Newt Gingrich didn’t agree with McCarthy’s ouster.

Newt Gingrich has called for Matt Gaetz to be expelled from the Republican party for ousting Speaker Kevin McCarthy, describing Gaetz as egotistical, ‘incompetent’, childish, vain, and an embarrassment to their side.

Gingrich, 80, was speaker of the House from 1995 until he retired from office in 1999.

A staunch defender of Donald Trump, Gingrich said on Tuesday he felt Gaetz, another MAGA Republican, had done the party a disservice.

Gaetz on Monday introduced the motion to remove McCarthy, which was passed on Tuesday afternoon. McCarthy, who was elected in January after a highly contentious vote, became the first speaker in history to be ousted.

‘Rep. Matt Gaetz is an anti-Republican who has become actively destructive to the conservative movement,’ wrote Gingrich, in an op ed for The Washington Post.

‘Drama has filled the halls of Congress for 234 years. Bringing together a group of 435 strong-willed personalities guarantees conflict, and it has always been a tumultuous body.

‘But some behavior crosses the line — and when it does, there has to be consequences.’

The consequences Americans like are getting rid of weak politicians who say anything and do nothing.

Rather than attack Gaetz for doing the right thing and having the courage to do so, perhaps the GOP should begin stripping its ranks of RINOs and corrupt and lying Democrats.  That might work better. 

1 thought on “NO NEWT – The GOP Needs to Clean Out RINOs from Its Ranks Now”

  1. This is another fine article.

    Gingrich is just another RINO. He sometimes does his conservative act, to please his fans.
    He is always there to stand up for the corrupt establishment when they need him. His income depends on that. Otherwise, he would not be on Faux News or have op eds in a far left wing rag.

    He has made so many ridiculous statements in the past. One was his claim that conservatives were doing “right wing social engineering”.


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